The Battle of Coventry Scenario 1 Port St William Space Port

Historical Note [Sarna Net] The Jade Falcon Incursion The campaign that came to known as the Jade Falcon Incursion was a direct result of the Jade Falcon need to prove the strength of their touman in the aftermath of the bitter Refusal War fought against Clan Wolf and thereby fend off attacks from the other Clans. The Incursion quickly became a […]

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The 8th Battle of Hesperus

—– INCOMING MESSAGE – Tai-Sho Nagumo – Sword of Light Actual FROM – Sho Sho Yamamoto – 5th Sword of Light, 1st Regiment Hesperus II, 25th October 2853 Tai-Sho Nagumo – We stand ready to bring great Honor to the Dragon, Coordinator Miyogi.  The 5th Sword of Light successfully deployed by Dropship 60 km away […]

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The Battle of Hesperus

Historical Overview [Credit to Second Succession Wars, Catalyst Games] Spanning four months, the Kurita assault on Hesperus II in 2853 is often cited as the Lyran Commonwealth’s pivotal moment in the Second Succession War. Popular opinion links the assault with a desire within the Combine for revenge after the murder of Coordinator Yoguchi, but the […]

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