Secure the City


Secure the seat of planetary government.


Designate one building at the centre of the map as the Governors Building.


The Attacker should deploy 33% of their Campaign Force. The Attacker entered from the southern map edge.


The Defender should deploy 33% of their Campaign. The defending forces may deploy from the northern map edge.


Track Cost: 300

Optional Bonuses:

City Militia (+100) (Attacker Only): The defender has access to a 2 Scorpion Light Tanks (Gunnery 4, Piloting 6), 2 Heavy Wheeled APC’s (Gunnery 4, Piloting 6) and 4 Platoons of Rifle Infantry (Gunnery 4, AntiMech 8) (Multiply this by 3 for a Battalion/Trinity level game). These may deploy anywhere on the map.

Strike Team (+100) (Defender Only): The attacker has 4 Warrior VTOL’s (Gunnery 4 Piloting 5) and two Karnov Transports. Each Karnov carriers 2 Platoons of Foot Infantry (Rifle) (Gunnery 4/AntiMech 8).


Wound them! (+100) . Cripple or destroy 25% of the opponents forces.

Destroy them! (+100) . Cripple or destroy 50% of the opponents forces.

Control the Senate (+200). Have more BV of units (which do not have crippling damage) within 6 hexes of the Governors Building at the end of turn 8.


Time Limit

This mission ends after eight turns. If the attacker is successful in “Control the Senate” they capture the Governor. If the Defender is successful the Governor escapes by VTOL to Fort Salamanca.