Assault the Fortress


Assault and control the fortress.


The game takes place on 2 map sheets arranged in configuration B. The Northern Map Sheet should be the Forward Base map. The other map sheet should be rolled on the following table.

RollMap Sheet
1Open Terrain 1
2Open Terrain 3
3Rolling Hills 1
4Rolling Hills 2

The walls on the Forward Base Map are Hardened with a CF of 120. The turrets are Hardened Gun Emplacements with a CF of 120. The Generator building is Medium CF 40.
The Defender places 6 CF120 Level 1 Infantry Bunkers within 6 hexes from the fortress walls.


The Attacker should deploy 33% of their Campaign Force. The Attacker enters from the southern map edge after the defender has deployed their units.


The Defender should deploy 33% of their Campaign. The defending forces may deploy anywhere on the mapsheets of the fortress. Infantry may deploy in any Infantry bunker.


Track Cost: 300

Optional Bonuses:

Target the Generator (+100) (Defender). If the generator building is destroyed all turrets are disabled. The generator building explodes with an area of effect attack for 50 [0]/ 40 [1], 30 [2], 20 [3] and 10 [4] this damage is groups in clusters of 5.

Activate the defence perimeter (+100) (Attacker Only). The defender places two turret on towers (x Engagement Multiplier) . Turrets may be chosen from the following:

  • AC/5 Turret (Single) [8] Ammo (60) [3]
  • AC/10 Turret (Single) [12] Ammo (20) [2]
  • AC/2 Turret (Dual) [12] Ammo (135) [3]
  • LRM/10 Turret (Dual) [10] Ammo (48) [4]
  • SRM/6 Turret (Dual) [6] Ammo (60) [4]


Wound them! (+100) . Cripple or destroy 25% of the opponents forces.

Destroy them! (+100) . Cripple or destroy 50% of the opponents forces.

Take the Fortress (+100). Have move BV than opponent within the Salamaca FireBase (anywhere inside the walls)

Cutting off the head (+100). Cripple or destroy the enemy commander’s unit.


Command Unit: Each force must elect one unit as their Command Unit.

Surrender is always an option: Once the defender reaches 25% or below of BV they surrender the field. If the attacker reaches 25% of BV they retreat.

Time Limit: The Track ends at the end of turn 12.