A Bonfire of Worlds

The year is 3145, and the Inner Sphere is “A Bonfire of Worlds”. A Bonfire of Worlds is a one-day BattleTech narrative event using the Standard Ruleset (Total WarFare/BattleMech Manual), with the option to use Advanced Equipment/Artillery Rules from Tactical Operations. Set in the Dark-Age Era from 3132-3145, players will engage in 1v1 games (or […]

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How to play BattleTech Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles designed to help new players in “How to Play Battletech”. By How to Play, I don’t mean the rules of the game, but rather how to set up the gameplay, the factions used, the units allowed, the size of forces, game balance and eventually looking at […]

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Inner Sphere in Flames

The year is 3075 and the Inner Sphere is in flames. The fanatical forces of the Word of Blake and their shadow divisions stand firm on Terra and radiate out through the Inner Sphere like some terrible cancer [In our holy causes to unite the Inner Sphere]. Reeling from the shocking news that Thomas Marik […]

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1st New South Wales Cavalry

When Coventry was first colonised during the 24th Century a small group of hardy colonists from the old Terran country of Australia helped settle the more arid deserts. When asked why they settled in the southern continent there were many somewhat cryptic reasons given including “Well here, the water goes down the plug hole the […]

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Operation BULLDOG

Historical Note During the Clan Invasion of Coventry in 3058, the InnerSphere came together to form a combined force not seen since the Star League 300 years ago! Under the leadership of Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion, the House Lords signed the charter to form a Second Star League. The first military action of this new League […]

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The Battle of Tukayyid Event

Introduction On the 1st of May 3052, on the sleepy agricultural world of Tukayyid, a titanic battle for the fate of Terra began. Seven Clans (Clan Wolf, Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Diamond Shark, Clan Smoke Jaguar, Clan Nova Cat, Clan Steel Viper and Clan Ghost Bear), the children of Kerensky, faced the Armies of ComStar. […]

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Situation “Get that box of Widgets from point A to point B.  Any questions?” -Hans Fritz Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces 2 star general Game Setup The scenario takes place on a 3×2 map grid. Defender has 4 Ground Vehicles based on the force drop tonnage. LIGHT – 4 x Heavy Wheeled APC (Standard) MEDIUM – […]

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Merc-Net 3048 and Online Gaming

BattleTech MercNet3048 Hello MechWarrirors! I hope everyone is well and keeping their sanity intact during the lockdown! Some of us are still managing to get our BattleTech fix either via MegaMek or by using various online tools. I’m also looking to start an online mercenary Chaos Campaign(see end of post). So how do you BattleTech […]

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