Mercenary Company – Origins is a simple campaign system designed for players who are new to the game, enabling you to play straight out of the BattleTech A Game of Armoured Combat box set.  Design your company, choose your BattleMechs and MechWarriors and then take on your first Mercenary Contract. Mercenary Company – Orgins, uses a […]


BattleTech World Wide Event 2020

The BattleTech World Wide event is a special demo/participation scenario designed by Catalyst Games Labs for Catalyst Demo Agents to run. Unfortunately, the 2020 event never happened in person (although it did online), but with the easing of restrictions we have decided to run this event at The Mug and Meeple, Gravesend, Kent on Saturday […]

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A Chaos Campaign Guide to Orbisonia

“The Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation ached to reclaim the long-lost worlds of the Chesterton Confederation for her nation, and the outbreak of the Second Succession War gave her the opportunity for invasion. Chancellor Ilsa Liao targeted worlds along a wide front, and personally led one of the most feared formations in Capellan history against Orbisonia. Five bloody days […]

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Operation GUERRERO – Van Diemen IV

[With thanks to, the best wiki in the InnerSphere] Historical Overview After the death of Joshua Marik in 3057, Victor Steiner-Davion replaced the child with a double to keep war supplies from the Free Worlds League coming to his forces. Thomas Marik discovered this substitution in September of that year, and ordered the Free Worlds League Military to attack the Federated Commonwealth in retaliation for […]

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