SpacePort Hot LZ


“Captain, we’re going in hot. The DropShip will make a pass right over the centre of the SpacePort. You Mech’s can either Combat drop onto the Ferro-crete or can deploy once we land. The DropShips guns are locked and loaded but you better secure the LZ quick before we take too much damage. the SpacePorts defensive turrets only face outwards so you don’t have to worry about them, but the SpacePort does have its own Security Force “

Game SetUp

Recommended Terrain: SpacePort: Safe LZ (alternatively use three map sheets placed short end to short end running North to South).

The Attackers does not have a home edge and may only retreat by entering their DropShip. The Defenders home edge is the south edge.

Place 5 Way Point Markers placed on the map. Once is placed in the centre of the map by the Defender, The Defender then must place the other 4 Waypoint markers anywhere else on the map as long as they are 6 hexes away from an edge and from each other.


The Attacker deploys up to 33% of their Campaign Force at the start of the game loaded into the Union Class DropShip. Before Turn 1 any BattleMechs with Jump Jets can deploy by Combat Drop. The Attackers Union Class DropShip is not actually placed on the map unless the Option: Under the DropShips guns, is selected.

If the Attacker has deployed their DropShip on the map (Option: Under the DropShips Guns) their forces may deploy from inside the DropShip.


The Defender deploys up to 33% of their Campaign Force at the start of the game anywhere on the map.


Track Cost: 300


+200 Under the DropShip’s Guns (Defender Only): The Attacker may choose to deploy their Union Class DropShip on the map (or may elect to keep their DropShip off the map). The DropShip may start at any altitude (including landed) and deploys within 3 hexes of the northern edge. The Attacker may also elect to Combat Drop any of their BattleMechs with JumpJets within 1 hex of the DropShip (as per the Combat Drop rules in StratOps). [Note Forces with a Aerodyne DropShip may not the land by may Combat Drop their force]

+200 SpacePort Security (Attacker Only): The Defender may deploy an additional SpacePort Security forces anywhere in the spaceport at the start of the game. The Security Force includes: 2 Foot Platoons (Rifle) [4/8], 2 Foot Platoons (SRM) [4/8], 2 Heavy Wheeled APCs (4/5) and 2 Galleon Light Tanks (4/5).

+50 Minor Weather Event: Roll on the Minor Weather Table. (Attackers Choice)

+50 Dusk: The track takes place at Dusk. (Attackers Choice)


Hurt Them! (Attacker or Defender): Destroy or cripple 25% of the opponents BV. [100]

Hammer Them! (Attacker or Defender): Destroy or cripple 50% of the opponents BV. [100]

Secure the WayPoints (Attacker or Defender): At the end of turn 12 have more WayPoints Secured than the opponent. [200]

Special Rules

The following rules are in effect for this track:

Secure WayPoint

During the End Phase of each turn check to see if any of the WayPoints on the map have been secured. If a players unit is within 3 Hexes of a Waypoint during the end phase of a turn (Not including the SpacePort Security), and no enemy is within 3 Hexes of the Waypoint, then that WayPoint is secured. Control of WayPoints may switch between Attacker and Defender at the end of every turn. All WayPoints are not secured by either player at the start of the Track.

Time Limit

The Track ends after the end phase of the 12th turn.


The player that earns move Objective points “Holds the Field”. Any unit which is Immobile (e.g. No Legs for a BattleMech, Immobilised/0 MP for a Vehicle) or Destroyed (but not Truly Destroyed) can be salvaged. MechWarriors/Crews are returned to their owner. Any MechWarrior who is unconscious at the end of turn 12 becomes a POW and their BattleMech is taken as salvage.

DropShip Grounded

If the Attackers DropShip is destroyed – all forces that are carried onboard are truly destroyed (even those who are not engaged in the Track Force). If the Attackers DropShip takes any internal damage it surrenders and all forces on board are taken as Salvage/POW’s.

SpacePort Assault

If the Attackers faction is successful in this Track they have “Secured the SpacePort” and can move on to Advance on Objective.