The Great Refusal

“The time has come to end the threat of the Clans, once and for all!” – Prince Victor Steiner-Davion The Great Refusal is a one-day BattleTech narrative event using the Standard Ruleset. Players will engage in 1v1 games (or may enter as a team of 2 players, controlling 1 force) between the Crusader Clans and […]

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BattleTech: Restoration

“I am Kamea of House Arano, High Lady of the Aurigan Reach.  Protector of Coromodir and the Sword of Restoration.  But I am not a hero… no matter what the stories say. A hero would have sacrificed more, compromised less.  A hero would have done better… You know this of course.  You were there.  My […]

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