1st New South Wales Cavalry

When Coventry was first colonised during the 24th Century a small group of hardy colonists from the old Terran country of Australia helped settle the more arid deserts. When asked why they settled in the southern continent there were many somewhat cryptic reasons given including “Well here, the water goes down the plug hole the right way”.

These people who still call themselves the “Aussies”, are sometimes hard to find in the sprawling desert they simply call the “Outback”. The warriors often wear their ritual garb of a leather jerkin, and a strange wide brim hat with hanging corks. To find them, it is best to look for their ritual fire pits, called “Barbies”, where they often roast a strange combination of seafood and steak over hot charcoal, which they call Surfnturf. Those who have spent time with them, often return confused and report that for the entire time with them, they were called Bruce or Sheila, obviously a title for honoured guests.

These hardy but friendly folk bought with them several species from Terra including Koalas, Eucalyptus Trees and the mighty Red Kangaroo. It’s not clear when, but at some point in the 25th Century someone decided that riding a Kangaroo might be a good idea… This may have happened after a few of the local brew called “Five X”. What ever the reasons, this created one on the greatest rider partnerships since the mongols and horses.

During 3058, the 1st New South Wales Cavalry of Kangaroo mounted troopers, under the command of Hauptmann Raymond Jefferson (pictured below), fought a guerrilla campaign against the invading forces of Clan Jade Falcon. In one heroic account, the Kangaroo Cavalry were seen to ride alongside a Mad Cat, allowing the riders to leap from the saddles and place anti-’Mech charges, destroying the leg of the Falcon ‘Mech. One far fetched account even said that the riders threw curved pieces of wood, called boomerangs, which exploded on contact, and if they missed flew back to the thrower! These far fetched tails have been largely discounted. Despite their fierce fighting, those Clan Jade Falcon Warriors they captured, we’re treated with great respect and some are reported to have become bondsmen and even Abtakha, staying on even when Marthe Pryde accepted Hegira.

The 1st New South Wales Cavalry have now been officially added to the roles of the LAAF. Their symbol is a Koala riding a Kangaroo. Their regimental slogan – “Tie me Kangaroo down, sport”

Coventry Kangaroo Mounted Rifle Platoon

Notable Units: 1st New South Wales Cavalry
Tech Base (Rating): Inner Sphere (E/E-E-E)
Transport Weight: 4.8 Tons
Battle Value: 93 (Gunnery 4/Anti-Mech 5)

Platoon Type: Mounted Infantry (Coventry Kangaroo)
-Ground MP : 3
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon):21 (7/3
Armor Divisor: 1
To Hit Modifier [Range in Hexes]: -2/0/+2/+4 [0/1/2/3]


Primary – Auto-Rifle (Damage Multiplier x 0.51)
Secondary – Auto-Pistol (Magnum), Knife
Coventry Kangaroo (Damage +1D6[Infantry]+1[Vehicle])

Defensive Battle Rating

Number of troops x 1.5
21×1.5= 31.5
Defensive Factor 1.1
31.5×1.1 = 34.65

Calculate Offensive Battle Rating

  1. Calculate Weapon Battle Rating

Individual Weapons
21 x Auto Rifle 21×1.59 = 33.39

Secondary Weapons
21 x Blade (Knife) 21 x 0.02 = 0.42
21 x Auto-Pistol (Magnum) 21 x 0.19 = 3.99

Anti-Mech Attack Capability
33.39 + 4.41 = 38.80

Weapon Battle Rating = 76.0

  1. Calculator Offensive Battle Rating

Weapon Battle Rating x Speed Factor
76.0 x 0.77 = 58.52

Offensive Battle Rating = 58.52

  1. Final Battle Value

Defensive Battle Rating + Offensive Battle Rating
34.65 + 58.52 = 93.17

1st New South Wales Cavalry Platoon BV = 93


4.8 tons

Coventry Kangaroo (Large/0.11 [Mount] + 0.2 [Rider] tons/MP3 Ground/Damage +1D6[Infantry]+1[Vehicle])

Footnote – All of the above is canon BattleTech lore 😉
TacOps – AE&U


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