Merc-Net 3048 Online Campaign

On Saturday 13th of June at 6pm GMT +1 we’ll be doing a live video cast and Q&A (via Facebook live at ) for the upcoming online Merc-Net 3048 Mercenary Company campaign which starts from Saturday 13th on this Discord Server

Don’t worry if you can’t listen to it, it will be recorded and players can join the campaign at any time.

This weekend people will be playing our introductory missing TRACK Acquire High Value Target

Download our maps here from the Mercenary Company Map Pack!!Asv8Dn0xvFQPiq0jrSOudFfPAYMeLA?e=itjxN4

Epic Cinematic Intro scrolling text

“The year is 3048 and after 300 years the InnerSphere is still at war. It is the calm before the coming storm. The Fourth Succession Wars saw the rise the the mighty Steiner-Davion Federated Commonwealth at the cost of the other great houses. In the short lived War of 3039 Fed Com forces sought to continue their success, but the might of the Dragon stopped them in their tracks, and with aid from secret allies and with new equipment and lost technologies turned then Steiner-Davion forces back with a vicious counterattack. In the last decade, houses have rebuilt their forces. New technology from the Helm Memory core have started to appear on the battle field for the first time in over a century. While there is no official state of war, Mercenaries and Pirates continue to conduct raids across the InnerSphere. Key equipment, technologies, resources and personal are a valued commodity to be acquired by any means! Meanwhile in the periphery…”

The Strategos Chaos Campaign System

The Strategos Chaos Campaign is a system based on WarChest that allows you to construct a mercenary company and take part in contracts against other players! Players construct their own Mercenary Company with MechWarrior, BattleMech, Vehicles Infantry and even their own lore and back story. Players may play in any sized engagement from 1v1 challenges to epic Company Level engagements. After each engagement, ‘Mechs are repaired and re-armed, pilots heal, and new equipment is purchased. Through out the campaign each company has an Official Mercenary Review Board, Mercenary Rating (starting at 1000) tracking the influence and capabilities of their Company.

Construction rules.

Each player starts with 16,000 BV to spend on their company. Full details for construction can be found at the web link. Players may select any combat units from 3048 or before (using InnerSphere Technology). All units selected must be canon, unless the appropriate edges are taken. Once you have registered your will be given a TO&E Channel to register your force and keep track of your Mercenary Rating (we use the honor system for keeping track, so no cheating or we shall draw a circle of equals and your Bloodline will be Reaved!)

Once you have constructed your force, the organise to play other players in Contracts and Engagements. Choose a mission, or make your own! Choose the BV and off you go. Play in any way in which you wish, MegaMek, Zoom etc. There is no requirement for a frequency of games. A list of suggested missions can be found in the links


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