The Battle of OutReach

Harlech Outreach 18 October 3067 “Gray One to all Dragoons. Wolf Actual…down! Wolf Actual is down!” A crackle of static. Then, “Set Condition Feral.” Wide swaths of Harlech still burned. Entire city blocks lay in flame and ruin, and dark, roiling smoke scorched the sky, blotting out the sun for the third straight day. Fires […]

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Tamar Rising

The year is 3151. Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon have gone all in, abandoning the worlds of their occupation zones and thrown their entire Toumen against the Republic of the Sphere, in a last epic Battle on Terra. What they have left behind is chaos, war, and for the right people… opportunity! Tamar Rising […]

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How to play BattleTech Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles designed to help new players in “How to Play Battletech”. By How to Play, I don’t mean the rules of the game, but rather how to set up the gameplay, the factions used, the units allowed, the size of forces, game balance and eventually looking at […]

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A Chaos Campaign Guide to…

This new series of articles will be looking at the BattleTech Chaos Campaign system by Catalyst Games. Over the last few years since the first release in Campaign Operations there have been several versions of Chaos Campaign all which have been slightly different. The aim of this project is to curate all the material to […]

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The Battle of Lootera City

The Battle for Lootera City is a Multiplayer special event format designed for 4-8 players over 8-10 hours of game play. Historical Overview The Battle for Huntress is over! The Second Star League forces of Task Force Serpent, following the exodus road provided by the former Clan MechWarrior, Trent, has led the forces of the […]

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Airbase Assault

This is a scenario from the current Campaign Ops narrative campaign I’m GM’ing, but it could be run as a stand alone scenario for a 3028 Company. Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG Scenario 1 – Airbase Assault AUGUST 30th 3028, New Caledonia, Landing Zone Alpha, North of Redlev — ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATION INCOMING — ORIGIN: Colonel Edward Nichols, CO […]

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Formation Based Initiative

In this article, I’m going to look at a an official optional rule that was first published in the BattleTech Initiative Deck by CGL in 2022. It presents a different way of handling initiative, which is particularly suitable for larger games with more than one Formation/Lance, and can be used for either “Classic” BattleTech or […]

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BattleTech Mercenaries

BattleTech Mercenaries is a format design both for quick casual games and for multi round events. It is a scenario based format where each player controls 4 Mercenary BattleMechs will do what needs to be done to earn their pay! This system is based mainly on the BattleTech Championship Circuit (BTCC) Format by the Catalyst […]

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