Operation GUERRERO – Van Diemen IV

[With thanks to Sarna.net, the best wiki in the InnerSphere] Historical Overview After the death of Joshua Marik in 3057, Victor Steiner-Davion replaced the child with a double to keep war supplies from the Free Worlds League coming to his forces. Thomas Marik discovered this substitution in September of that year, and ordered the Free Worlds League Military to attack the Federated Commonwealth in retaliation for […]

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A Chaos Campaign Guide to Northwind

“Surrounded by the Enemy… In the 32nd Century, the Republic of the Sphere is beset on all sides, its enemies seeking the most important weapon in the Inner Sphere: interstellar communication. As the forces of the Capellan Confederation advance toward the heart of the crumbling Republic, they are laser-focused on the one goal that will give them the upper hand and […]

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Era Report 3052 The Aurigan Reach

Precentor Marshall Focht, May I congratulate you on your recent victory at Tukayyid.  All of ComStar and the InnerSphere are in your debt.   I hereby submit to you a detailed report on the region known as the Aurigan Reach which should be considered an update to the last ROM intelligence report from 3028.  I have included the […]

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A Chaos Campaign Guide to Barcelona

On the 20th of March 3050 the planetary governor of Barcelona, in the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth, was summoned to an emergency meeting with Lieutenant General Mitchel Simons, CO of the 17th Skye Rangers. A audio signal had been received from an unknown source in orbit. It said: “What forces dare defend this […]

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A Chaos Campaign Guide to…

This new series of articles will be looking at the BattleTech Chaos Campaign system by Catalyst Games. Over the last few years since the first release in Campaign Operations there have been several versions of Chaos Campaign all which have been slightly different. The aim of this project is to curate all the material to […]

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