BattleTech World Wide Event 2020

World Wide Event 2020 Sunday 28th June 2020. 18:00 – 24:00 (GMT +1). 12:00-18:00 CDT. MegaMek. Discord Server BattLeTech Thug Life FoREver This BattleTech World Wide Event 2020 is a special event run by Catalyst Demo Agents to promote BattleTech. This year with the difficulties of Covid-19, Catalysts is allowing its Demo Agents to run […]

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Redemption Rift Scenario 2

The Forest of Marv Situation 42 Kilometres outside Marv, Marlowe’s Rift, The Reach 16 February 3139 After the main Davion Militia was defeated at the Battle of the Pass, Charlie Company were dispatched to scout a smaller military base near the settlement of Marv. As they followed the road towards Marv through the dense forests […]

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Redemption Rift

ON THE HUNT AGAIN… It is the Dark Age—3139—and the famed mercenary regiments of Wolf’s Dragoons have returned to the employ of House Kurita after a century of bitter enmity. Somehow, mercenaries and Kuritans must find a way to work together in a combined invasion of the Dragon’s oldest enemy, House Davion. Thrust into the […]

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World Wide Event 2020

On Sunday 29th of June the BattleTech Thug Life Forever Discord server hosted the BattleTech World Wide Event 2020 And hell followed with him using MegaMek. We filled up to capacity with 17 players in total. 12 Players were on the Draconis Combine Mustered Society 2nd Arkab Legion (6 in each Company). 5 Players were […]

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Situation “Get that box of Widgets from point A to point B.  Any questions?” -Hans Fritz Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces 2 star general Game Setup The scenario takes place on a 3×2 map grid. Defender has 4 Ground Vehicles based on the force drop tonnage. LIGHT – 4 x Heavy Wheeled APC (Standard) MEDIUM – […]

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Merc-Net 3048 and Online Gaming

BattleTech MercNet3048 Hello MechWarrirors! I hope everyone is well and keeping their sanity intact during the lockdown! Some of us are still managing to get our BattleTech fix either via MegaMek or by using various online tools. I’m also looking to start an online mercenary Chaos Campaign(see end of post). So how do you BattleTech […]

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