Clan Invasion Event Format

In 3049 mysterious invaders with advanced technology struck at the periphery. At first, the worlds of the InnerSphere believe theses to be aliens but it soon became apparent that these were the children of Kerensky returning to the InnerSphere.

With advanced Omni-Mechs and fearsome Elementals, the forces of the Clans cut through some of the finest units in the InnerSphere. The future looked lost, until ComStar took a stand on the little know world of Tukayid…

Clan Invasion Event Format

Design to celebrate the release of the Clan Invasion Kick Starter, the Clan Invasion Event Format is designed to allow players to play both the forces of the InnerSphere and Clans in the year 3052.

Each players designs a Clan force and an InnerSphere force. In this two round event, the players are then split into two halves, one group playing InnerSphere and the other playing Clans in the first round, and in the second round the players switch to their other forces.

Force Building

Each player designs two forces. One Clan and one InnerSphere. Both forces should be built using the following rules:

Force Selection Sources

  • Each player has 7000 BV to spend on their force.
  • Each force is made up of between 4 and 6 Combat Units.
  • A Combat unit is defined as any of the following: one BattleMech, one Vehicle or one point of 5 Elementals (Clan Only).
  • MechWarriors/Crews can be of any level of training between Green (Piloting 6/Gunnery 5) to Elite (Piloting 3/Gunnery 2). There may not be a difference of more than two between gunnery and piloting.
  • Clan Omni-Mech pilots a required to have no less training than Veteran (Piloting 4/Gunnery 3). Elementals are required to have no less training than Veteran (Gunnery 3/Anti-Mech 5).
  • Clan Elementals may only be selected if there are sufficient Omni-Mechs to carry them (1 Omni-Mech per Point of Elementals).
  • Clan second line BattleMechs may have Regular (Piloting 5/Gunnery 4) level of training.
  • InnerSphere forces which include a vehicle that has the ability to carry Conventional Infantry may also purchase Conventional Infantry forces as long as they can all be carried by the Vehicles selected.
  • Conventional Infantry must be taken in full platoons.

Player may select forces from any of the following sources

  • TRO Succession Wars
  • TRO The Clans
  • TRO 2750, 3025, 3039, 3050
  • Any other units which are constructed on or before 3052
  • InnerSphere forces must only consists of InnerSphere units and may contain any number of units using Advanced Technologies.
  • InnerSphere forces may contain BattleMechs, Vehicles, or Conventional Infantry (but no BattleArmor)
  • Clan forces must only contain Clan Technology (either Omni-Mechs, or second line ‘Mechs with the -C designation e.g. War Hammer IIC).
  • Clan forces may not include Vehicles or Conventional Infantry.
  • Players may not use any Special Ammo types, or Artillery units (including Arrow IV)
  • Player must only select canon units or variants (as referenced in a TRO). Custom/modified designs and “Character” units.
  • All BV’s should be looked up using
  • Only rules within Total Warfare/A Game of Armored Combat/BattleMech Manual or Clan Invasion will be in effect (with the exception of Walking Backwards on a Successful Piloting Check).
  • Zellbrigen is not in effect (although players may optionally choose to abide by it).

Factions/Clans (Optional)

Players may elect to building their forces from specific Clans or Factions. In this case player may choose to use the Random Allocation Table (RAT) in Era Digest 3052 to build their forces.

Invading Clans include: Jade Falcon, Steel Viper, Wolf, Nova Cat, Ghost Bear and Smoke Jaguar.

InnerSphere factions include: Federated Commonwealth (Lyran or Davion), Free Raselhauge Republic, Draconis Combine, Capellan Confederation, ComStar, Periphery state (Magistry of Conopus, Taurian Concordate etc), Mercenaries/Pirates.

Event Rules

Each round is 3 hours. Once time is called the current round is completed.

Each player brings two forces, one Clan and one InnerSphere. Each player should provided a TO&E (Table of Ordinance and Equipment) listing their unit, model, pilot and gunnery skill and the BV or each unit.

Players may use printed sheets or virtual sheets using Flechs (only for mechs but not dice rolls).

Players much use dice in identical pairs.

Forces do not have to be painted. Players may use either miniatures or card tokens.

Each round is played on two maps sheets (or one BattleMat).

The player that wins initiative may choose which edge to enter on/their home edge (choosing from the two long edges (north or south).

During the deployment phase, players may deploy their units within 3 hexes of their Map edge.

At any time a players unit may walk off of their home edge and retreat. Units that retreat are not counted as destroyed.

Victory Conditions

A player is victorious if all opposing forces have either been destroyed or have retreated. This is a COMPLETE VICTORY and scores 3 Invasion points. The other player Scores a COMPLETE DEFEAT and is awarded 0 Invasion Points.

If the time limit is reached then players differential is calculated. The player wins who has the highest calculated. This is a PARTIAL VICTORY and is worth 2 Invasion Points. If both scores are within 100 BV of each other this is a DRAW and scores 2 Invasion Points. The player that loses (after time is called) is awarded a PARTIAL DEFEAT and scores 1 Invasion Point.

Differential = Enemy destroyed BV – your forces destroyed BV + BV of your retreated forces.

Bidding (Optional)

At the start of each round the Clan players each decide if they will bid away units for the sake of greater honor! Players may change their bid once they have heard what the other Clan players have bid.

If the Clan player achieves either a COMPLETE VICTORY or a PARTIAL VICTORY they may add double the BV of their bid away units to their differential. On a DRAW or DEFEAT no extra differential is earned.

The Clan Player who bid the most BV of units (between all the Clan Players) away earns 1 extra Invasion Point (but only if they achieve a VICTORY).

Event Champion

The player who has the highest Invasion Points wins the even. In the case of several players with equal Invasion points, ties are resolved by differential.

At the end of the event, add up all of the Clan Invasion Points and InnerSphere Invasion Points to determine if the Clans or the InnerSphere where victorious for the day!