The Great Refusal

“The time has come to end the threat of the Clans, once and for all!” – Prince Victor Steiner-Davion The Great Refusal is a one-day BattleTech narrative event using the Standard Ruleset. Players will engage in 1v1 games (or may enter as a team of 2 players, controlling 1 force) between the Crusader Clans and […]

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Flashpoint: The Invasion of Alderbaran

The Invasion of Alderbaran In this narrative event players form two teams to replay the Invasion of Alderbaran, one of the first wave of military actions by the newly formed¬†Federated Commonwealth (House Davion and House Steiner) against the Capellan Confederation (House Liao) in the Fourth Succession War, Operation RAT. The Teams The Redfield Renegades are […]

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