Merc-Net 3048 and Online Gaming



Hello MechWarrirors!

I hope everyone is well and keeping their sanity intact during the lockdown!

Some of us are still managing to get our BattleTech fix either via MegaMek or by using various online tools. I’m also looking to start an online mercenary Chaos Campaign(see end of post).

So how do you BattleTech with Zoom?

With zoom you can set up multiple feeds, so I you put a camera on a tripod looking down at the MapSheet and then use a video/sound feed via your Laptops webcam you can have a pretty good game.

Each player uses a copy of the same map and uses the appropriate Miniatures or proxies to keep track of the battle field. By using the map grid numbers and the facing (N, NE, NW, S, SW, SE) it’s possible to have a really good game.

You can either using paper record sheets or instead use Flechs (Flechs only does Mechs but not vehicles or infantry). For dice you can either roll on the map (use big dice!) or make use of Flechs system for doing rolls! Using Zoom you can also screen share to show your opponent your Flechs Sheet. You could also use random dice generators on Discord.

There are of course other ways to play BattleTech: including Table Top Simulator (which does cost about £17 but the BattleTech add on is a free community resource), the traditional play by email or using other sources such as Roll20.

Would you be interested in an online Chaos Campaign Style System (Slightly modified) running over the next few months set in the 3048 period just prior to the Clan Invasion? Each player controls a Mercenary Company and would take contracts facing off against the other players, earning and spending WarChest points to see who has the highest Mercenary Rating by the end.

If your interested sign up on the comments bellow. We would hope to get going in maybe 3-4 weeks. There is not requirement to a number of games or frequency and players can choose who they play.

I have set up a dedicated Discord Server to keep track of games, TO&E and mercenary ratings. Players can arrange games and chat/trash talk each other on the in character BBS.

The modified Chaos Campaign system can be found here:

Some missions are listed here but they will also be expanded – and are open to any design that players what to make!

Saddle up, set reactors to hot, and charge your PPC’s capacitors!

Stuart “Strategos”. Catalyst BattleTech Demo Agent

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