The Invasion of Aldebaran Narrative Event

The Invasion of Aldebaran


In this narrative event players form two teams to replay the Invasion of Aldebaran, one of the first wave of military actions by the newly formed Federated Commonwealth (House Davion and House Steiner) against the Capellan Confederation (House Liao) in the Fourth Succession War, Operation RAT.

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 02.25.18

The Teams

The Redfield Renegades are a mercenary company hired by the Federated Commonwealth (House Davion/Steiner) as part of Operation RAT.

Warrior House Ijori are a Capellan Confederation (House Laio) battalion based on the wold of Alderbarran.

Force Building

Each player will construct a Company consisting of 3 Lances, one for each mission.  Each lance must consist of 4 combat units which may be BattleMechs or Vehicles.

Combat units may be taken from the Late Succession Wars timeframe including units from the following:

  • TRO Succession Wars (Not including the EXC-B2 Excalibur, RMP-5G Rampage, HGN-732 Highlander [733 is OK], NSR-9J Night Star, DVS-2 Devastator, PLG-3Z Pillager or TDK-7X Thunder Hawk)
  • TRO 3025
  • TRO 3026
  • TRO 3039

Combat Units should be selected which have introductory/standard technology (e.g. AC2/5/10/20, SRM2/4/6, LRM 5/10/15/20, Small/Medium/Large Lasers, PPC’s, Machine Guns).

Each lance may have one unit which has Succession Wars era LosTech including: XL Engines, Ferro Fibrous armour, Endo-Steel Internal Structure, CASE, Beagle Probes, Guardian ECM, ER Lasers, ER PPC’s, LB-X Autocannons, Ultra Autocaannons, Anti-Missile System, Double Heat Sinks.  Some technolgies are still extinct e.g. Gauss Rifles, Arrow IV.

Exmples of LosTech units include: MCY-99 Mercury, THE-N Thorn, MON-66 Mongoose, FFL-4B Firefly, HSR-200-D Hussar, NTK-2Q Nigh Hawk, SPR-5F Spector, TLN-5W Talon, STN-3L Sentinel, KY2-D-03 Kyudo, CRB-27 Crab, HOP-4D Hoplite, LNC25-01 Lancelot, BMB-12D Bombardier, EXT-4D Exterminator, GLT-3N Gillotuine, ST-8A Shootist, BL-6-KNT Black Knight, FLS-8K Flashman, THG-11 Thugm CRK-5003-1 Crockett, SHG-2F Shogun, EMP-6A Emperor, MSK-9H Mackie.

Players may not elect to use any special ammunition types.

Players do not have to select units from the appropriate factions Random Assignment Tables unless they wish to.

Each lance will have:

  • 1 Elite Mechwarrior/Crew (Gunnery 2, Piloting 3)
  • 1 Veteran Mechwarrior/Crew (Gunnery 3, Piloting 4)
  • 2 Regular Mechwarriors/Crews (Gunner 4, Piloting 5)

Light Lance (Scenario – Rapid Strike)

BV – 4000.  Light and Medium Combat Units only.

Medium Lance (Scenario – Turning out the lights)

BV 5500.  Light, Medium or Heavy Combat Units.

Heavy Lance (Scenario – Drop Zone)

BV 7000. Medium, Heavy or Assault Combat Units.

To see all available units and their BV cost (BV version 2) for different pilots/gunnery skills click on the link below.

Master Unit List

Rules for the day

Appart from rules detailed in the scenario only rules from A Game of Armorued Combat/Total Warfare will be in force.

Segmented Fire optional rules will be in effect.

  • The player who won initiative choose one unit to fire.  They declare weapons and then make attack rolls.  This then proceeds as per initiative.
  • There is no separate attack declaration phase.
  • All weapons fire is still simultaneous.

Floating critical optional rules will be in effect.

Forced withdrawal option rules will be in effect. Units will enter Forced Withdrawal if they suffer:

  • Four or more points of damage to the MechWarrior
  • The destruction of all sensor critical slots
  • One gyro and one engine critical hit
  • Two engine critical hits
  • A side torso location is destroyed
  • Internal structure damage in either three or more limbs or two or more torso locations (torso internal structure damage does not count towards crippling damage if that location still has front armour)
  • The loss of all weapons (or complete ammo depletion)

Players should bring with them:

  • A unit roster showing the BV of each combat unit and lance.
  • Record sheets for each unit (special units to the scenario will be provided).  Players may use Flechs for sheets but only for records and not dice rolling
  • Dice.  All dice rolls should be made with exact pairs of dice when rolling multiples rolls at once.
  • A quick referee sheet [Optional]
  • Player may use miniature or cardboard markers.  Players may proxy units if the clearly declared the units they are to the opponent.

If you need any help with force construction please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We are also looking for players to bring with them any map sheets they have (especially Forward Base maps from the new Hills Map set for Scenario 3).

Schedule for the day:

  • 12-12:30 Registration and setup
  • 12:30-2:30 Scenario 1
  • 2:45-4:45 Scenario 2
  • 5:00 -7:00 Scenario 3
  • 7:00 – 7:30 Final scores

Scenario 1 Rapid Strike

August 19th 3028. 05:00 hours.

“Commander – your mission is simple – we need the communications and tracking Control Tower in this sector destroyed.

Land your Leopard Class Dropship with in striking range of the Control Tower and deploy your forces.  The Control Tower is surrounded by light turrets, but they draw power from the Control Tower generators, so if it goes down, they all go down.

You may decide to land close to the facility with the drop ship to make use of its weapons, or be more safe and land outside the turrets weapon range.  If you lose that drop ship – it’s coming out of your pay check, and you’ll have a long walk home.”

-Marshall Eugene Drives 4th Davion RCT


Game Setup

Place 4 map sheets in a 2 x 2 grid.  Between the southern two mapsheets, between the hexes above and between 1509 and 0109 place the Control Tower.  Place 4 Turrets, 2 hexes away from the Control Tower (1407/1409 and 0107/0109).

Control Tower

The Control Tower is a Level 3 Hardened building with 150 CF.  It houses the generator for the turrets so if it is destroyed the turrets are also destroyed.


Each turret is on a level 1 medium building has a CF of 40.

Turret 1 (1407) and 3 (0209) have one LRM20 with 3 tons of ammo (18 shots).

Turret 2 (1409) and 4 (0207) have a two Large Laser and one Medium Laser.

Turrets have a Gunnery skill of 4.

Attackers Deployment (Redfield Renegades)

The Attacker deployed in a Leopard Class Dropship (represented by a circular template with 1 hex in the center and 6 hexs surrounding it and 5 levels high).

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 14.45.11

The Attacker should designate which combat unit is in which bay (Front Left Side, Rear Left Side, Front Right Side, Rear Right Side) of the dropship.

At the start of turn 1 the attacking player secretly notes a map sheet and hex number for the landing site of the dropship.

At the start of turn 2 the dropship arrives at the decalred hex with its Mech bay doors open and hovers at an altitude of 3.  At this point it is considered immobile. It may be targeted and it may fire its weapons and the Combat units inside may fire from their designataed hatches (and be fired upon) but not move unless they are Jump capable in which case they may use Jump movement to exit this dropship.

At the end of turn 2 the Leopard dropship lands with the tokens central hex overlaying this target hex (the other sections must be on the same level and can’t be in water or woods).

At the start of turn 3 the drop ship has landed and is considered immobile.  The Attacker may deploy one unit from each side facing of the rear section/hex of the dropship using regular walking/running movement (Through the four ‘Mech may doors).

Once the dropship lands it will remain stationary until the end of the scenario, or it retreats.

The Attacker may retreat by their combat units entering the dropship.  The dropship may leave the map at any time once it has Mech’s on board.

Leopard Class Dropship

Armour –

  • Nose – 140
  • Right Side/Left Side – 130
  • Aft – 100
  • Internal Structure – 7

Weapons –

  • Nose – 2 x PPC, LRM20, 3 Medium Lasers
  • Left Side – LRM20, 2 Large Lasers, 1 Medium Lasers
  • Right Side – LRM20, 2 Large Lasers, 1 Medium Lasers
  • Rear – 1 Large Laser, 2 Medium Laser

The dropship has a gunnery skill of 4.

Defenders Deployment (Warrior House Ijori)

The defender may deploy their units anywhere within 6 hexes of the control tower.



  • Destroy or place in forced withdrawal an enemy unit [50 max of 4]
  • Reduce the structure to 25% (<114 CF) [50]
  • Reduce the structure to 50% (<70 CF) [100]
  • Reduce the structure to 75% (<38 CF) [150]
  • Destroy the structure (0 CF) [200]


  • Destroy or place in forced withdrawal an enemy unit [50 max of 4]
  • Reduce the Leopard Dropship to 25% of armour (<97) on one facing [50]
  • Reduce the Leopard Dropship to 50% of armour (<65) on one facing [100]
  • Reduce the Leopard Dropship to 75% of armour (<34) on one facing [150]
  • Destroy the Leopard or force it to withdraw before the Control Tower is destroyer [200]


  • The scenario is complete when either all combat units are destroyed/in forced withdrawal or have retreated.
  • If all attacking combat units are destroyed the dropship withdraws and the end of the next turn.

Scenario 2 Turning out the lights

August 19th 3028. 12:00 hours.

“The Liao Command and Control facility draws power from 4 generators camouflaged in the nearby hills.  An enemy lance has been spotted patrolling the area.

We are sending your cavalry lance in.  Speed is of the essence.

You can either get in, destroy the generators and bug out before you take heavy losses.

Alternatively, ambush the enemy lance and then dispose of the generators after.”

-Marshall Eugene Drives 4th Davion RCT


Game Setup

Place 4 map sheets in a 2 x 2 grid.  The defender may place 4 generators anywhere on the southern map sheets (at least at 3 hexes away from the southern/western and eastern map edges).


Each generator is a 2 hex by 1 hex building (Level 1) and had a CF of 50.  Destroying either hex will cause a catastrophic explosion causing and Area of effect attack with a strength of 40 (0)/20 (1)/10 (2) /5 (3) damage in 5 hit clusters.

Attackers Deployment (Redfield Renegades)

Attackers walk in from the northern map edge.  They may at anytime retreat off this map edge.

Defenders Deployment (Warrior House Ijori)

The defender may deploy their units anywhere within 6 hexes of any generator.  they may retreat off the southern map edge at any time.



  • Destroy or place in forced withdrawal an enemy unit [50 max of 4]
  • Destroy a generator [50 max of 4].


  • Destroy or place in forced withdrawal an enemy unit [50 max of 4]
  • For each generator still functioning at the end of the game [50 max of 4]


  • The scenario is complete when either all combat units are destroyed/in forced withdrawal or have retreated off map.

Scenario 3 Drop Zone

August 19th 3028. 20:00 hours.

“This is it, the balloons going up!  We’ve cut main power to the command complex – so their early warning and turrets are off line.

We want your heavy lance to combat drop from our Leopard Class dropship into the command complex.  You’ll catch them with their pants down.

Once you have the situation under control, call it in and we’ll parachutes in the 45th AFFS Jump Rangers to take control of the Command and Control building.  Just don’t call it  until the drop zone is secure or our boys will be coming home in body bags.

We need that Command and Control building intact – poke some holes in it fine, but don’t bring the house down. The Rangers will do the rest.

-Marshall Eugene Drives 4th Davion RCT


Game Setup

Place 4 map sheets in a 2 x 2 grid.  The south west map sheet should be a city sheet or Forward Base map (From the hills map set).

One structure at the center of the complex should be designated a command and control (CnC) structure is a Heavy structure and consists of three hexes.  A Level 3 Heavy building (1 hex) and a two hexes of level 2 buildings.  Each hex and floor of the building has 90CF.  If a lower floor is destroyed then all of the floors above it in that hex are destroyed.  When a level collapses all units within that hex take CF/10 damage x by the number of levels above it (x3 for Infantry – damage is applied as if it was from a conventional infantry attack), plus falling damage.


Attackers Deployment (Redfield Renegades)

The attacking units perform a Combat Drop to any location on the four map sheets.

At the start of the turn in which dropped Combat Unit arrive on the field, the Attacker must secretly nominate a hex anywhere on the playing area in which the ’Combat Unit will land. If a Combat Unit is prohibited from entering a specific hex type, that hex cannot be chosen as the target, with one notable exception: a player can intentionally try to violate the stacking rules.

At the end of the Movement Phase, after all non-dropping troops have moved, a Piloting Skill Roll is made for each dropping ’Mech in the order the Attacker chooses.

Before each roll, the player must reveal the nominated target hex for the landing (if both opponents have troops arriving in the same turn, alternate turns as per standard movement). A successful roll result indicates the Combat Unit lands in the target hex at the end of the Movement Phase. If a Combat Unit fails the roll, completely resolve that drop before moving on to the next Combat Unit.

A dropping Combat Unit may not move or make attacks in the turn that it landed, but may act normally on the following turn. Attacks made against dropping Combat Unit apply a +3 target movement modifier as well as an additional +2 Target Number modifier.

Stacking: Per the stacking rules, only one ’Mech can be in a single hex at the end of the Movement Phase. If a ’Mech violates the stacking rules when it lands use the Displacement rules to determine the effects (see p. 55); randomly determine the direction to displace any ’Mechs (if there are multiple ’Mechs, randomly determine the displacement direction for each one). This is not considered an accidental fall from above. If a ’Mech cannot be displaced (for example, all the adjacent hexes are prohibited terrain), the ’Mech is destroyed.

If a Combat Unit lands on the roof of a building that has less CF than its tonnage, it will fall through the building taking damage as per a fall from that height and desstoying the building.

If a Combat unit scatters off the map, that unit may re-enter the map at the same point at which they scattered off, after one full turn has elapsed.

At the start of turn 3 the attacker secretly notes the hex on which each of their infantry forces will arrive.  The Attacker has 2 Veteran Infantry (Paratrooper) Jump Rifle Platoons [3/4] and 2 Regular Infantry (Paratrooper) Jump SRM platoons [4/8]. The troopers land at the end of the movement phase (once all combat units have moved).  They may not attack in the turn they land.

Defenders Deployment (Warrior House Ijori)

Defending Combat Units may deploy anywhere on the South West Map.

The defender may secretly place 2 Veteran Infantry Rifle Platoons [3/4] and 2 Regular Infantry SRM platoons [4/8] in Hidden Deployment.  These units may reveal in any movement phase.  They can’t move in that turn but can attack.  If the building they are in is attacked while they are hidden, they take damage as per normal rules and are revealed. If another unit moves into their hex and level they are revealed.



  • Destroy or place in forced withdrawal an enemy unit [50 max of 4]
  • Have more troopers that the opponent in the CnC building at the end of the game [100]
  • Eliminate all troopers in the CnC building [200]
  • If the attacker destroys the entire CnC building they may not achieved the last two objectives (but they can damage it), and the defender achieved their last objective automatically and scores [200]


  • Destroy or place in forced withdrawal an enemy unit [50 max of 4]
  • Have more troopers that the opponent in the CnC building at the end of the game [100]
  • Eliminate all enemy troopers in play [200]
  • The Defender may target the CnC with weapons fire by if the defender destroys the entire CnC building the Attacker Scores their last objective [200WP] immediately.


  • The mission ends if all Combat Units on one side are destroyed or placed in Forced Withdrawal.
  • Neither side has the option to retreat units.

Rules Notes

Attacking Infantry in Buildings (pg 168 Total War)

When attacking conventional infantry in buildings, the combat unit must attack the building.  25% of any damage caused the the building is caused to the Infantry.

Burst fire weapons do damage to the building normally and do not do additional damage to the infantry.

Infantry movement into building (pg 168 Total War)

Infantry may enter any building at level 0 with the exception of walls.

Jump infantry my expend jump MP to enter a building at any level (up to 3).

Combat within buildings (pg 175 Total War)

Attacks made against targets in the same hex and level inside a building are made at +1.

Attack can be made against targets in a level above or below, or an adjacent hex at +1 per hex (as per light woods).  LoF is blocked by 2 or move levels/hexes of building.

Attacks against infantry while the attacker is inside a building but on a different level or hex causes damage to the building (Heavy 25% of damage taken is absorbed by the building before applying to the infantry).

Inside a building burst fire weapons do their burst damage value divided by 2 (and apply their normal non burst value to the building).

Units which are on a roof us the rules given for Attacking Units inside buildings.

For more rules on Combat Units (Mechs and Vehicles) entering buildings consult Total War.

Forward Base Map

Walls are Hardened with a CF of 120.  Infantry may not enter walls except at the top level and may only access the top level from the Towers.

Towers are Hardened CF120 and infantry may only enter from inside the wall (not outside).

Towers, walls, and any building in the art which is non-continuous are considered separate buildings (for the purposes of firing within a building).

Final Standings

At the end of the day we will add up the total points for each player to declare the most capable commander.  We’ll then add up the team points to see if the Federated Commonwealth or Capellan Confederation are victorious.

Participation prizes will be awarded each round (3D printed take home scenery items for everyone!).

Historical Note

On 20 August 3028, six months after her eighteenth birthday, Hanse Davion married Melissa Steiner. The leader of every Successor State was there, including their aides, heirs, and other VIPs. At the wedding reception, Hanse Davion uttered one of the most quoted lines in Inner Sphere history, “My dear… I give you the Capellan Confederation.” To the leaders of the Inner Sphere, it seemed like this touched off the 4th War, but, in fact, troops had already invaded the day before.

Redfield Renegades (Mercenaries for the Federated Commonwealth)


The Redfield Renegades (also occasionally referred to as Redfield’s Renegades) were formed as a unit after the Capellan Confederation captured the planet Redfield in 2760. The remains of the planetary militia under the command of the eldest son of the former Governor Angus Redfield made life difficult for the Capellan occupation force. Redfield was later liberated through the AFFC. Having vowed to avenge his family, Angus Redfield created his own mercenary command from the remaining militia forces under his command. For the next few centuries, the unit sought revenge against the Capellan Confederation.

In the war’s first wave, the Renegades performed a highly successful tactical drop on the House Liao family estate on the planet Liao, behind the Capellan Hussars lines. The unit was then sent to support the 4th Davion Guards and 4th Deneb Light Cavalry in their invasion of the Capellan world Aldebaran.

Warrior House Ijori (Capellan Confederation)


Founded by Kasei Ijori based on Han philosophies including Confucianism, Taoism and the Lorix Order. The Homeworld of House Ijori is Jasmine.

  • Based on Aldebaran.
  • Arrived too late to prevent the destruction of the Capellan Ariana Grenadiers regiment that was caught unawares and hammered to pieces on Ingersoll by the Free Worlds Guards in 2874, but inflicted heavy damage on the attackers nevertheless.
  • Turned the tide against a Marik Militia regiment on Hsien in 2943, relieving the 1st Kearny Highlanders.
  • Closed a trap by Davion troops on Cammal in 3002.
  • Caught and mauled a Davion mercenary unit, the Dry River Devils, on Tsamma in 3003, forcing them to surrender and capturing their BattleMechs in the process

In the 4th Succession War the defended of Aldebaran against the combined forces of three Davion units which were the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry, 4th Davion Guards and Redfield Renegades

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