SpacePort Assault


“Captain, the Landing Zone is secure. You need to take your force and move on to secure the SpacePort. Get past the walls and occupy the facility. Special Forces Infantry Platoons have been dispatched to support our attack and have detected active gun turrets on the perimeter. Looks like they are packing serious AutoCannons effective both as AntiMech and AntiAircraft weapons.”

Game SetUp

Recommended Terrain: SpacePort Assault (alternatively use three map sheets placed short end to short end running North to South).

The Attackers home edge is the northern short edge. The Defenders home edge is the south edge. Their is a SpacePort Perimeter Wall (Hardened Level 3 CF 120) half way down the central map. All of the area to the south of the wall is the space port.


The Attacker deploys up to 33% of their Campaign Force before round 1 (after the Defender deploys) within 3 hexes of the northern map edge.


The Defender deploys up to 33% of their Campaign Force at the start of the game anywhere inside the SpacePort (South of the SpacePort Wall) at the start of the game.


Track Cost: 300


+200 Special Ops Teams (Defender Only): The Attacker may choose to deploy 4 Special Ops Platoons. There are 2 Veteran AntiMech Trained Foot Platoons (Rifle) [3/5] and 2 Veteran Foot Platoons (SRM) [3/8]. They may deploy in hidden deployment anywhere north of the SpacePort wall. (x Engagement Size Multiplier).

+200 Gun Emplacements (Attacker Only): The Defender place 2 Gun Emplacement buildings (Level 3 CF 60, Armor 60, Gunnery 4) with turrets [AC/10 with 4 Tons of Ammo (Regular or Flak)] (x Engagement Size Multiplier).

+50 Minor Weather Event: Roll on the Minor Weather Table.

+50 Dusk: The track takes place at Dusk.


Hurt Them! (Attacker Only): Destroy or cripple 25% of the opponents BV. [100]

Hammer Them! (Attacker Only): Destroy or cripple 50% of the opponents BV. [100]

No one gets through! (Defender Only): Prevent 25% of the opponents BV from crossing the wall. [100]

Hold the Line! (Defender Only): Prevent 50% of the opponents BV from crossing the wall. [100]

Space Port Secure (Attacker or Defender): At the end of turn 12 have more BV from your Track Force (not including the Special Forces) inside the Space Port. [200]

Special Rules

The following rules are in effect for this track:

Fuel Tanks

The Defender should place 3 fuel tanks inside the SpacePort (at least 6 hexes from the any edge). Fuel tanks are Level 1 CF40 buildings that explode when destroyed causing AOE damage (30 [0]/20 [1]/10 [2])

Time Limit

The Track ends after the end phase of the 12th turn.


The player that earns move Objective points “Holds the Field”. Any unit which is Immobile (e.g. No Legs for a BattleMech, Immobilised/0 MP for a Vehicle) or Destroyed (but not Truly Destroyed) can be salvaged. MechWarriors/Crews are returned to their owner. Any MechWarrior who is unconscious at the end of turn 12 becomes a POW and their BattleMech is taken as salvage.

SpacePort Secure

If the Attackers faction is successful in this Track they have “Secured the SpacePort”. They can move onto the next Track Advance on Objective.

If the Defender wins the Track, all forces of the Attackers faction must retreat off planet.