“Get that box of Widgets from point A to point B.  Any questions?”

-Hans Fritz Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces 2 star general

Game Setup

The scenario takes place on a 3×2 map grid.

Defender has 4 Ground Vehicles based on the force drop tonnage.

LIGHT – 4 x Heavy Wheeled APC (Standard)

MEDIUM – 4 x Sleipnir APC (Standard)

HEAVY- 4 x Vargr APC (Standard)

ASSAULT* – 4 x Vargr APC (Standard) + 2 x Rommel Tank

*Only with the -100 WarChest Option

[MegaMek – There is a map available for this scenario]


The attacker deploys within 4 hexes of the eastern or western map edge on the center or northern map sheets (in hex XX01 – XX34) (but not the southern map sheet XX35-XX51) in the deployment phase.


The defender and convoy deploy within 4 hexes of southern map edge at the beginning of turn 1 (after the deployment phase).


+100 That’s a big one! (Attacker)  Raise the Drop Tonnage of the transport Vehicles by 1 category*.

+100 Quiet like mice (Defender) – 50% of the attackers Combat Units may start in hidden deployment anywhere on the center or northern map sheets

Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal – Combat units must eject/abandon their vehicles upon receiving crippling damage. (This does not include the convoy vehicles).

Objectives (Max 400 WP)


100 WP “Target eliminated” – For each target APC vehicles destroyed


100 WP “The First Transport is away” – For each APC that exits the mapsheet by the Norther edge.

Victory Conditions

Mission ends when:

  • All vehicles are destroyed (or their crew are killed)
  • All vehicles retreat from the northern map edge
  • If all defending forces are crippled or destroyed continue to play using the convoy units.

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