World Wide Event 2020

On Sunday 29th of June the BattleTech Thug Life Forever Discord server hosted the BattleTech World Wide Event 2020 And hell followed with him using MegaMek. We filled up to capacity with 17 players in total. 12 Players were on the Draconis Combine Mustered Society 2nd Arkab Legion (6 in each Company). 5 Players were […]

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The 8th Battle of Hesperus

—– INCOMING MESSAGE – Tai-Sho Nagumo – Sword of Light Actual FROM – Sho Sho Yamamoto – 5th Sword of Light, 1st Regiment Hesperus II, 25th October 2853 Tai-Sho Nagumo – We stand ready to bring great Honor to the Dragon, Coordinator Miyogi.  The 5th Sword of Light successfully deployed by Dropship 60 km away […]

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The Battle of Harvest

The Battle for Harvest Operation: Götterdämmerung – The Battle for Harvest was a multiplayer scenario designed for an introduction to BattleTech at WarBoar, Bromley, UK.  We had a great turn out of 5 players, including several players who just dropped by to watch. The Scenario Each player selected two BattleMechs with combined tonnage of 120 […]

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A Peace of Blake

Shilob – Lyran Commonwealth Front, Operation SCOUR 10 June 3077 “What forces dare defend this military installation from the steel talons of the Jade Falcon?” Star Colonel Corbin Pryde, Gamma Galaxy, 3rdFalcon Talon Cluster waited for the response. The Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf drop ships were already on final approach to the world of […]

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