HexTech City by Thunderhead Studio

7 months ago I purchased an Ender-5 3D printer for just under £300 after selling a table of scenery from another game.

I have to say straight out that it was the stunning scenery produced by Thunderhead Studio​ that made my decision!

As soon as I got my Ender-5 and had printed the obligatory dog, I started buying STL’s from Thunderhead Studios. At the same time my mate Adam​ also purchased some online from the US.

Side note – before anyone asks, no I will not send you the STL files for free. I really feel that the people who 3D design this stuff have earned every penny we send them! (Gets off high horse).

Over the next months I printed the Forward Base which turned out great, although taught me a lot about printing adhesion and bed levelling!

The big project though was HexTech City or as I’ve named it Trinity City.

Hours, days and months and several reels of PLA later, I can say that Trinity City is complete. The city planners have laid the roads and the gardeners have been planting the trees (by Amphibmods, UK).

The HexCity pack gets you a huge amount. Four regular buildings (Tri-Tower Office, Hex Estates Property Firm, The STACKS residential complex, Condo Life residential unit), 2 medium (Trinity City University, Corporate Paradise Building), 3 large (Trinity Hall, Megablock mass housing center, Justice Tower) and the epic center piece Trinity Tower with foundations! Not to forget all of the 2 lane and 4 lane roads!

The buildings and roads don’t just look good, they are cleverly designed to support Mech miniatures in flat Hex bases! The roofs also have small indicators of where the hex corners are (which I have highlighted white) which help you work out what hex your mini’s are on.

This stuff is also great for prize support which we have been giving away at the BattleTech UK SouthEast events!

Most of the buildings were printed at 0.32mm later height with 5% infill using white 1.75mm PLA. I still use the Enders own slicing software, because I’m simple like that!

There were a few failed prints, or prints at the end of reels of PLA but some got recycled as ruins or even converted to a lake!

For painting I go for quick and effective! Primed with a Mechanicus Grey spray can, zenith highlighted with a white spray can. Lot and lots and lots of windows with Talasar Blue Contrast Paint. Some dry brush edge highlighting. Picked out roof details in extra colour. Road’s are primed and then the roadsurface washed with a dilute dark grey. Road markings and helipads are done using Hobbycraft paint pens!

All was peaceful in Trinity City, and then Clan Jade Falcon has to crash the party!

Clan Jade Falcon Delta Galaxy

Talon Star – Turkina, War Hawk, Dire Wolf, Hellbringer and Summoner.

Claw Star – Timber Wolf (No! It’s not a Mad Cat Spheroid freebirth!), Black Lanner, Mad Dog, Baboon, and Fire Moth.

Elemental Star – 5 Points of Elementals

(Before any clan LoreMasters out there point it out, we earned some of those Omni-Mechs as Isora in Trials of Possession against Clan Wolf! Seyla!)

Luckily the Mayor of Trinity City had a few favours to call in from the Draconis Combine Mustered Society 6th Arkab Legion and hired himself some Mercenaries including the former Capellan’s Raven’s Remembrance! Luckily Duke Ricol (the 3rd) was also on his holidays enjoying the local casinos and pleasure palaces between plots to destroy the GreyDeath Legion.

6th Arkab Legion

Crescent Company

Command lance – BattleMaster, Catapult, Thunderbolt, Awesome.

Fire lance – Wolverine, Wolverine, Griffin, Shadow Hawk

Recon lance – Locust, Locust, Wasp, Stinger

Sandstorm Company

Command Lance – BattleMaster, Archer, Crusader, Shadow Hawk

Fire Lance – Griffin, Wolverine, Thunderbolt, Rifleman

Recon lance – Commando, Phoenix Hawk

Duke Ricol in his Red and Black Marauder!

Raven’s Remembrance Mercenary Company (painted in House Ijori Bamboo)

Command Lance – Emperor, King Crab, Ti Ts’ang, 2 Hetzer Wheeled Assault Guns

Fire Lance – UrbanMech, Crusader, Rifleman, Vindicator

Vehicle Suport – 2 Maxim Heavy Hover Transports, Karnov VTOL.

Recon Lance – Huron Warrior, Wraith, Warrior VTOL, Cyranno VTOL.

Barlet’s Boxers Lance (Grey Urban Camo)

Panther, Uziel, Spector, Blackjack-O

La Grand Arme Lance (Red, white and blue)

Shootist, Chameleon, Assassin, Hollander

Odd Socks Lance

Crusader, Wolverine, Shadow Hawk, Wasp.

HexTech City by Thunderhead Studio
-Physical Product – https://steelwarriorstudios.com/collections/hextech-terrain-system/products/hextech-trinity-city-megalopolis-set
-STL Downloads – https://steelwarriorstudios.com/collections/digital-products-stl-home-printing/products/hextech-trinity-city-level-4-bundle-stl-download

Walls, Barracks, MechHanger, Generators, Uplink Towers, and Control Tower from Forward Base by Thunderhead Studio

Grassland Hills by Thunderhead Studio

Autumn Trees by Amphibmods, UK

MapScale Leopard class Dropship, turrets, fuel tanks and fuel depot from Thingverse (sorry not credited).

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