Formation Based Initiative

In this article, I’m going to look at a an official optional rule that was first published in the BattleTech Initiative Deck by CGL in 2022. It presents a different way of handling initiative, which is particularly suitable for larger games with more than one Formation/Lance, and can be used for either “Classic” BattleTech or […]

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BattleTech Mercenaries

BattleTech Mercenaries is a format design both for quick casual games and for multi round events. It is a scenario based format where each player controls 4 Mercenary BattleMechs will do what needs to be done to earn their pay! This system is based mainly on the BattleTech Championship Circuit (BTCC) Format by the Catalyst […]

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A Bonfire of Worlds

The year is 3145, and the Inner Sphere is “A Bonfire of Worlds”. A Bonfire of Worlds is a one-day BattleTech narrative event using the Standard Ruleset (Total WarFare/BattleMech Manual), with the option to use Advanced Equipment/Artillery Rules from Tactical Operations. Set in the Dark-Age Era from 3132-3145, players will engage in 1v1 games (or […]

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Infantry Operations

Infantry operations is a set of house rules to expand the use of Conventional Infantry in the BattleTech game. These rules may add further complexity to those found in Total Warfare, Tech Manual, Tactical Operations (Advanced Rules), and Tactical Operations (Advanced Units and Equipment) Mechanized Infantry – Advanced In the Total Warfare and other books, […]

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War of 3039

Historical Note  On the 16th of April 3039 a wave of Federated Commonwealth JumpShips appeared in several key systems in the Draconis Combine – the War of 3039 had begun.  The War of 3039 was not a stealth attack or a surprise war, everyone knew it was coming. Two weeks before the start of the […]

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