Inner Sphere in Flames

The year is 3075 and the Inner Sphere is in flames. The fanatical forces of the Word of Blake and their shadow divisions stand firm on Terra and radiate out through the Inner Sphere like some terrible cancer [In our holy causes to unite the Inner Sphere].

Reeling from the shocking news that Thomas Marik WAS A FAKE [Was a true believer of our cause], the Free Worlds league stands on the brink of collapse, wait, wasn’t this the same news from last week? With their homeworlds nuked, the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns struggle to bring order to chaos [They dared to leave the Star League and have burned as unbelievers].

The Capellan Confederation faces a terrible conflict from within as forces from Kali Laio’s Thuggie Death Cult attack Sian, the seat of imperial power. While in the Dragonis Combine the Black Dragon Society (Kokuryu-kai) attempted to actually seize power while Theodore was away by shutting down the Luthien HPG and using military units loyal to them to take control of the capital.

The once, mighty forces of the Clans have been devastated by a mysterious civil war both in the Clan homeworlds and in their Inner Sphere holdings. Many Clans have fled their homeworlds, but some have formed new alliances like the Ghost Bear Dominion. A shadowy force called The Society has set up facilities on the edge of the Inner Sphere.

While on the world of Kittery, one man called Devlin Stone, tries to form the greatest alliance ever formed. [Who?]

350 years later the InnerSphere is still at war [Peace of Blake be with you].

Inner Sphere 3075

Force Building

All forces during this event will be built using the following rules:

  • Each player should choose a Faction.
  • Each player has 26,000 BV.
  • Forces must contain between 5 and 12 BattleMechs/Vehicles/ProtoMech Points (ProtoMechs may not be selected by non-clan units).
  • Forces may also include (in addition to other units) 0-6 Platoons of Conventional Infantry/Battle Armour (this include field guns). Battle Armour, Foot and Jump infantry must enter the battlefield carried on appropriate transportation. (Note: any Infantry Platoon with no AntiMech capability has an AntiMech skill of 8)
  • Forces must be chosen from the appropriate MUL as listed below. There are no custom units allowed. Only Canon/non character specific configurations are allowed e.g. no Daishi (Prometheus).
  • No Aerospace/Land-air-Mechs may be selected as part of the force.
  • Forces may choose 2 units from another MUL, e.g. a Draconis Combine force has 8 Mechs. They could choose to field 2 OmniMechs from the Clan Jade Falcon MUL.
  • Forces may include artillery but only of it is on the board (no off board artillery). While artillery are on the table they use TacOps – Advanced Rules.
  • All forces must have a minimum level of training of Veteran. There may be up to 3 sub-commanders with a maximum training level of Elite. There may be one force commander with a maximum training level of Heroic.
  • Each force receives 12 Battlefield Support Points (As per the BattleTech Manual[BMM]/Battlefield Support Deck[BFSD]). Artillery using BSP use rules as per BMM or BFSD.
  • All games will occur on a 2 x 2 map (32 x 34 hexes).
  • Forced Withdrawal/Crippling Damage rules are in effect as per Total Warfare.
  • Clan Honor Rules/Zellbrigen are not in effect and are at a players disgression.
  • Winners will be determined on total BV of each unit with has sustained Crippling Damage or is Truly destroyed.

Allowed Training Levels

Training LevelGunnery/
Latest 2018 Errata for BV Skill Multiplier

Rules for the day

  • Players may enter as individuals or as a team of two players (sharing a force).
  • Players may use paper sheets or online systems (Flechs).
  • Players must submit a TO&E using the attached spreadsheet template (Upcoming).
  • Players can use proxies/card cut outs as long as the identity of these are clear there is no requirement for painting.
  • Players should roll all dice in clear pairs. Rattle/death boxes or rolling multiple cide is allowed if they are in clear pairs.
  • Players may volenteer to bring a gaming table/set of maps/3D Terrain. Players will play on a random map/table that they did not bring. Pairings and tables will be reveal on the day.
  • Players may organise units into formations of their choice (Following “the Fluff” is optional – but encouraged). e.g. Clans in Stars, Inner Sphere in Lances, WoB/ComStar as Level II’s.
  • Unlike in prior events we will be using full Total Warfare rules on declairing attacks.

Rules Set

All standard rules from Total Warfare are in effect.

The following Advanced Rules from BattleMech Manual are in effect.

  • Battlefield Support Points

The following Advanced Rules from Tactical Operations – Advanced Rules are in effect.

  • Movement Mode – Standing Still
  • Movement Mode – Sprinting
  • Movement Mode – Evading and Skilled Evading
  • Movement Mode – Shielding
  • Movement Mode – Physical Defense
  • Movement Mode – Crawling
  • Movement Mode – Hull Down (Notes – Their are no half height hexes or preparied defenses)
  • Movement Mode – Backwards Movement
  • Movement Mode – Climbing and Leaping
  • Piloting – Taking damage
  • Piloting – Careful Stand
  • Vehicles – Advanced Maneurvers
  • Infantry – Fast Movement
  • Planetary Conditions – Special Terain may be defined by the table designer or as per map. No accidental fires, or setting fires. No adverse weather. All games are in daylight at 1G.
  • General Rules – Advanced Determining Critical Hits (BUT NOT Expanded Critical Damage OR Keeping Damage Secret)
  • General Rules – Floating Criticals
  • General Rules – Engine Explosions
  • General Rules – Ammunition
  • General Rules – Self Distruct Sequence
  • Weapon Attacks – Careful Aim
  • Weapon Attacks – Firing When Down
  • Weapon Attacks – Expanded Reversing (Flipping) Arms
  • Physical Combat – Jump Jet Attack
  • Physical Combat – Charging
  • Other Combat Weapons and Equipment – Special: Shutting off Equipment
  • Other Combat Weapons and Equipment – Active Probes
  • Other Combat Weapons and Equipment – Anti Missile Systems
  • Other Combat Weapons and Equipment – Autocannons – Optional Firing Modes
  • Other Combat Weapons and Equipment – ECM Suites
  • Other Combat Weapons and Equipment – Machine Guns – Rapid Fire mode
  • Other Combat Weapons and Equipment – Particle Projection Cannon (PPC)
  • Vehicles – Firing Arcs
  • Infantry – Digging in
  • Infantry – Hitting the Deck
  • Infantry – Using Non-Infantry units as cover
  • Infantry – Infantry Mortors
  • Infantry – Battle Armor vs Battle Armor (Bear Hunter Super Heavy AC/King David Light Gauss Rifle/Plasma Rifle)
  • VTOL – Zip lines
  • Advanced Buildings – Classifications
  • General Rules – Artilery
  • General Rules – Battle Armor Weights
  • General Rules – Battlefield Wreckage

The following Advanced Rules from Interstellar Operations are in effect.

  • Expanded ProtoMechs
  • Augmented Warriors (Word of Blake, CCAF/Thuggies, Clan (Enhanced Imaging Neural Implant only) )
  • Inner Sphere ProtoMech Interface (Word of Blake – Gestalt BattleMech)

No rules from Strategic Operations of Campaign Operations are in effect (including no quirks).


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