Airbase Assault

This is a scenario from the current Campaign Ops narrative campaign I’m GM’ing, but it could be run as a stand alone scenario for a 3028 Company.


Scenario 1 – Airbase Assault

AUGUST 30th 3028, New Caledonia, Landing Zone Alpha, North of Redlev


ORIGIN: Colonel Edward Nichols, CO 30th Lyran Guards

TO: Major Huang Duan, CO Morning Star Security Consulting Group

Welcome to New Caledonia Major. Since 2864 the Draconis Combine have occupied this world, a world that was founded by our ancestors. It’s time we evicted the Dragon and sent them back to Luthien!

We’ve had to fight our way into the system and have encountered far more Aerospace assets than expected. Although non of our DropShips were destroyed, many have been damaged, ate least 2 critically, and we also lost 20% of our aerospace fighters.

The combat forces of the 30th Lyran Guards have grounded 40 km north of the capital city and major industrial centre of Redfev, while those of the 10th Donegal Guard have landed to the south.

At down, 04:00 local time on the 31st of August the 1st Battalion of the 30th Lyran guard will march on the city, our hopes are to draw out the defenders into open terrain for a decisive victory. The 2nd Battalion will act as reserves and will defend the landing zone. The 2nd An Ting Legion are based on New Caledonia, but with their forces spread out we expect to encounter no more than a couple of companies of BattleMechs, must of which will be light and medium ‘Mechs… something for our Assault ‘Mechs to step on!

Your mission is to attack the military Airbase to the East – designated Doragon’u~ingu (Dragon Wing). You will set of as soon a possible and take a looping path so you appoach the base from the west. This way, the DCMS An Ting Legion Air Support will most likely not detect your approach, concentrating on our lager force.

When you are given the signal at approximately 08:00 hours local time, you will assault the base after the An Ting AeroSpace fighters have launched to attach our main force.

Your objectives are as follows:

  1. Primary Objectives – DESTROY 3 air traffic control towers, Primary Communications Array, Secondary Communications Array, Fuel tankers and any grounded Aerospace fighters or returning aerospace fighters.
  2. Secondary Targets – DESTROY Aircraft hangers.
  3. Tertiary Objectives – ESCORT combat engineers to the main runways. The engineers will then set charges to crater the runway and prevent air operations by Auerodyne dropships
  4. Quaternary Objectives – DESTROY OR CAPTURE any DropShips.

Once you have completed all Primary Objectives you are authorised to restreat. If tactically possible, you are to push the attack and complete the other objectives. Your standard monthly retainer will be increase by +20% for completion of Secondary Objectives, +10 Tertiary, +10% Quaternary and +60% if you are able to, take and hold the base. If you hold the base, a relief force will be sent to reinforce you from 2nd Battalion.

In support of your forces you have been assigned the 30th Lyran Guard 1st Marine Battalion under Major Richard D. Winters. The TO&E of the forces are listed below:

  • Alpha Company. 1-1 Foot Rifle Platoon. 1-2 Foot Rifle Platoon. 1-3 Foot SRM Platoon
  • Bravo Company. 2-1 Foot Rifle Platoon. 2-2 Foot Rifle Platoon. 2-3 Foot SRM Platoon
  • Charlie Company. 3-1 Machine Gun Platoon. 3-2 Heavy Flamer Platoon. 3-3 Heavy Mortar Platoon
  • Delta Company. 4-1 Recon Squad, 4-2 Recon Squad, 4-3 Recon Squad, 4-4 Recon Squad. 4 Packrat LRPV PKR-T5 (ICE).
  • Auxiliary Forces. HQ Foot Rifle Platoon. Paramedic Foot Rifle Platoon. Engineers Platoon
  • 10 x SD-KFZ 12A Schützenpanzerwagen Infantry Fighting Vehicles. 2 x Vedette Medium Tanks.
  • 1 x Mobile HQ
  • 1 x J-37 Ordinance Truck (Munitions)
  • 1 x Sherpa Armoured Truck (Supplies)
  • 1 Condor Class DropShip (Currently at Landing Zone Alpha)

Expected OPFOR

Intelligence estimates from high altitude pictures estimates the EPFOR to include the following:

  • Foot Infantry estimated at Battalion strength (3 Companies of 4 Platoons)
  • Mechanised Infantry (including towed Thumper Artillery and AC/10 Artillery) estimated at Battalion Strength (3 Companies of 4 Platoons)
  • 1 Lance of 4 Kestrel Combat VTOLs
  • At least 2 Wings (12 AeroSpace Fighters) – most of which will scramble to intercept our forces
  • 1 Leopard DropShip.
  • 1 Union class DropShip.

The three structures to the north of the compound are the Air Hangers. Just 150m south of these are the high speed launch tubes for aerospace fighters.

Although we have identified a BattleMech hanger and repair bay, it does not appear to be in use. We have concluded all BattleMechs in the An Ting have been diverted to oppose our main force. The Leopard and Union have both been observed to deploy their BattleMech Forces which have marched east towards the capital.

The Airbase is surrounded by watch towers with high powered lights, bunkers, improved positions (which are occupied by the Field guns and Artillery of the Mechanised Infantry), hardened foot infantry bunkers and a 6 m tall chain link fence. There are 4 entrances (N,S,E,W) into the base which have simple tyre shreader tank traps.

The base has a subterranean system of tunnels which include muntions storage and infantry tunnels as well and Aerospace fighter lifts between the landing zones and the hangers.

Lyran Military Intelligence can’t rule out the presence of other undetected forces.

It is expected during the assault that all aerospace fighters will launch, but be prepared for some to return during your combat operations to rearm or if damaged. These are primary priority targets.

[GM Information to be added 🙂 ]

Orbital Recon Images

SD-KFZ 12A Schützenpanzerwagen


The Schützenpanzerwagen (SPW) was designed and produced in record time by Defiance Industries for the LCAF in response to the joint operations training with the AFFS in 3022 in the run up to the launch of Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG in 3028.

The LCAF Marine Corp, required a rugged Infantry transport for a platoon of foot or jump marines that could also act as a medium tank to support combined forces actions, allowing the vehicle to engage both enemy tanks and infantry.

At 50 tons the SPW is also able to deploy in the Light Vehicle bay of DropShips and is planned to be attached to a Battalion of Marines (3 Companies/12 Platoons) for planetary invasions onboard a Condor DropShip.

Weapons and Equipment

The SPW is built with common off the shelf components making it easy to support in the logistics train. It has a standard crew of 4, 1 diver, gunner, 1 loader and 1 commander.

Its primary weapon is a Turret mounted 55mm smooth bore Auto-cannon/5, which has seen centuries of service on the Vedette Medium Tank. Able to engage Tanks at effective ranges of 540m it can also be loaded with smoke rounds conceal infantry, or flak rounds to target VTOL’s and aerospace assets. The shorter barrel length, compared to the Vedette does lead to slightly less accuracy a long range.

The SPW also includes a turret mounted support machine gun for infantry operations. This support MG has a unique feature in that it can be detached in under 30 seconds from the SPW’s Turret and turned into a man portable support weapon for infantry squads.

The SPW is protected by an impressive 10 tons of armor to fully protect the SPW and its cargo. This comes at the price of a low powered InterCombust 150 ICE engine (also used in many Armored transport vehicles) which has a maximum flank speed of 54 km/h, slower than most heavy or medium Lyran BattleMech or tank formations. Lyran commanders have pointed out that this is acceptable to most Lyran Battalions as it moves as fast as an Atlas. The SPW’s tracked automotive system also allows it to traverse uneven terrain much better than wheeled APC’s and is much more durable in combat than hover APC’s.

The SPW features a spacious 4 ton infantry compartment, able to accommodate a full platoon of foot or even jump infantry. A single offloading ramp at the rear of the SPW lowers to allow troops to disembark from the rear while covered by the SPW. One criticism of this design is that the armor on the rear of the SPW is particularly weak due to this egress point.

The SPW also includes 1 ton of dedicated cargo space. Originally designed to carry supplies and combat rations to support the platoon in extended manoeuvres, this cargo space is often used in high intensity combat for the storage of another 1 ton of AC ammo, although this ammo needs to be manually moved from the cargo area to the ammo loading area to be used.

The most unique feature of the SPW is its Life-Line Environmental Sealing and Support System LESASS. This enables the vehicle to transport troopers in relative comfort through hostile environments from deserts, to tainted atmospheres and even the surface of atmosphere-less moons and asteroids.

This rugged and versatile Infantry Fighting Vehicle is set to fill an important role in the LCAF Marines

Quirks: Limited Accuracy (Long) [+1 to hit at long ranges). Rugged. Easy to Maintain.


SD-KFZ 12C – A command variant, the 12 C uses the 1 ton of cargo space and 1 ton of infantry space to install 2 ton of communications equipment, allowing for an excellent command and control platform. (Quirk – Command Vehicle)
SD-KFC 12AMP – A fully amphibious version, the 12AMP replaces the 5 tons LESASS Enviroseal system with the equipment needed for a full Amphibious operations system allowing it to move using a water jet system at 4 km/h even in deep water

Product Information
Manufacture – Defiance Industries
Production Year – 3022
Mission – Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Type – Tracked
Cost – 

Technical Specifications
Mass – 50
Armor – ProtecTech 6
Engine – InterComBust 150
Speed – 54 km/h
Crew – 4
Communications System – ComStar Rover
Heat Sinks – None
-1 x A/C 5 (1 ton ammo)
-1 x Machine Gun (1 ton ammo)

Motive Type : Tracked
Engine: 150 ICE
Cruise: 3 MP
Flank: 5 MP

Armour (160 – 10 tons)
Front: 40
L/R Side: 33
Rear: 20
Turret: 34

Weapons and Equipment
A/C 5 (Turret)
Ammo (A/C 5) 20 (Body – 1 ton)
Machine Gun (Turret)
Ammo (MG) 200 (Body – 1 ton)
Full Environmental Sealing (5 tons)
Infantry Compartment – 4 tons
Cargo Compartment – 1 Tons


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