BattleTech World Wide Event 2020

The BattleTech World Wide event is a special demo/participation scenario designed by Catalyst Games Labs for Catalyst Demo Agents to run. Unfortunately, the 2020 event never happened in person (although it did online), but with the easing of restrictions we have decided to run this event at The Mug and Meeple, Gravesend, Kent on Saturday 2nd October. Doors open at 10am. Briefing starts at 11am.

All sheets and miniatures will be provided. All you need to do is turn up to the event and play! We also are OK with players dropping in and dropping out although we will have a maximum number of players on at any time.

All details of the event will be published only on the day.

Please bring:

  • Your own dice (and tray)
  • Your own pencil/eraser
  • Quick reference sheet
  • BattleMech Manual/Total War (*Optional)
  • An UrbanMech Pushie (*Optional)



The clouds were thick and grey. There was a slight mist in the air which the wind picked up and carried almost sideways. The nearby groves of cactaltrees whistled as though they were calling a warning to all who could hear. For the lance of Second Arkab Legion ’Mechs standing next to them it could not have been a more bleak and depressing place to be.

Outside of her ’Mech, Chu-i Jasminor McCabe stared up at the sky ignoring the cold and wet sandblasting her face received. The Smoke Jaguars were coming and this open area at the edge of Trent’s Glen was the best landing zone. She knew her ’Mech had sensors that would detect the Jaguars as they descended and she knew ground control in Warrenton would be tracking the Jaguars as they dropped. But Jasminor had to see death falling to the surface. She needed to watch the Jaguars land. And so she stared at the clouds waiting for the enemy she knew was here.

After a seeming eternity, first one—then two more, specs of light broke through the clouds. Their engines illuminated shafts of light to the ground. Even as the roar of their engines became audible Jasminor was climbing her rope ladder back to the cockpit of her Phoenix Hawk. It took her only a minute to scramble back into her cockpit and strap herself back in. Another moment after that and her Phoenix Hawk was dashing into the nearby trees.

“Silver 1-2 Actual to Olympus Prime, Smoke Jaguars on planet. Three dropships confirmed grounding outside of Trent’s Glen. Moving to intercept.” Jasminor finished her contact report not a moment too soon. Ahead of her she saw her first Jaguar ’Mech, a Ryoken. It outmassed her by ten tons and with their technological dominance she knew she was at a disadvantage. But she didn’t need to defeat it at this moment. Their’s was a mission to delay and harass. And that was a mission she intended to fulfill.

“Silver Lance, on me. Ryoken is our primary target. Engage at will.” She clicked off her radio and drew a bead on the Clan ’Mech. It was turning to face her but she fired her large laser first. Before it could respond she triggered her jump jets and moved back into the trees


Stravag. Stravag, stravag, stravag. Star Commander Gustav could not stop being infuriated. He had the honor of being the first clanner on Hyner, which also meant that he was the initial member of the First Striker Cluster to engage any member of the barbarian Inner Sphere. Unfortunately, his haste to find glory resulted in him missing the Arkab Phoenix Hawk that just struck him in the center torso. First blood in the fight for Hyner went to the Inner Sphere.

“Striker 1 Star, barbarians are hiding in the trees. The Phoenix Hawk is mine! The rest that we engage are yours. Deal with them as Jaguars would.”

A series of “affs” followed his message and his Star moved into the alien trees. His Stormcrow had no problems navigating through them so he was the first one to reach the other side of the grove. As he emerged he saw a Catapult not 250 meters away. It was not his prey but he was its. Waves of LRMs flew out from its launchers and peppered his Stormcrow.

That they are barbarians and have ignored any sort of honor is not a surprise. The Loremaster told us to expect as much. Now they shall reap what they have sown.

His thumb twitched and a stream of autocannon shells stabbed out to the Catapult. He stitched a line across the right torso of it and as soon as he saw his shells impact he started to fire his lasers. Years of training in the sibko and preparation for this moment left his aim true. Even as he saw a Crusader and Grasshopper move in and join their fire against him, his lasers pinpointed the craters peppering the ’Mech. That was all he needed. A bright flash brought a smile to Gustav’s face. That glare became an eruption as Gustav’s lasers set off the LRM ammunition and the Catapult ceased to exist.

The remaining Arkab ’Mechs had pulled back deeper into another copse of woods. To Gustav’s right was the valley they had landed near. He knew there were more enemies to kill, perhaps even some laying more ambushes. But at least there they could not hide.

“Striker 1 star, as expected the barbarians follow no honor. You shall return no honor. Move into the valley and wipe out any barbarian ’Mechs you find.”

The battle for Hyner was on.

[Credit to Alex Kaempen, World Wide Event 2020]



Hyner was attacked by Clan Smoke Jaguar during the Fifth Wave of Operation REVIVAL in November 3051.  Loremaster Edmund Hoyt personally led the First Striker Cluster in the attack, dropping through heavy cloud cover to immediately engage the Second Arkab Legion at Trent’s Glen. They were startled to find that an entire battalion of their enemy’s forces were piloting Star League-era BattleMechs and the Arkab Legion’s use of hit-and-run attacks was slowly whittling them down.



Attacker – Clan Smoke Jaguar First Strike Cluster

The 1st Striker Cluster was a front line combat unit of Clan Smoke Jaguar.

The First Striker fought on the following worlds during Operation Revival, the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Loremaster Edmund Hoyt led the 1st Striker in a combat drop onto the Second Arkab Legion on Hyner in November 3051. Deploying Star League era ‘Mechs the Legion put up stiff resistance as the First Striker pushed through Trent’s Glen, hitting them and then fading away. Eventually the First managed to assault the main defensive line at the Wessen Binar Heights.


Draconis Combined Mustered Society Second Arkab Legion

The Second Arkab Legion was originally a planetary militia regiment that the Draconis Combine failed to conquer. When Arkab joined the Combine as an ally rather than a subject, the Arkab Legions were integrated into the DCMS command structure, but had to purchase and maintain their own equipment.

The equipment they purchased from the Procurement Department were typically older models, but were still serviceable. To keep an eye on these troops who consider the Dragon an ally rather than a master, the ISF attached a Regimental Liaison Team to each Arkab Legion. In 2765 the Second was stationed on Jeju.

The Second managed to keep Star League BattleMechs in working order long after losing the technology to create them, and employed them against the Smoke Jaguars on Hyner.


Special Rules

Optional Rules

The following optional rules are in effect for the scenario:

  • Forced Withdrawal
  • Backwards Movement (Expanded)
  • Floating Criticals

Zellbrigen and Clan Honor

After DCMS’s abuse of the Clan Honor system and the humiliation of Clan Smoke Jaguar at Wolcott, Clan Smoke Jaguar will no longer follow Batchall or Zellbrigen vs the DCMS forces.

During the Clan Invasion in October 3050, the Mistweavers Galaxy of Clan Smoke Jaguar, commanded by Galaxy Commander Deitr Osis, issued a batchall to the defending DCMS troops. The Combine commander, future Coordinator Hohiro Kurita, answered the challenge to battle and issued the following terms: if the Clan forces won, they could have the planet, but if the Combine forces won, then the Smoke Jaguars would have to give up four OmniMechs and two dozen Elementals. Osis, initially balking at this suggestion, eventually accepted after subtle goading by Hohiro. However the battle had been a trap; instead of facing what were thought to be “green” troops, the Combine forces were actually elite Genyosha regiments.  The Smoke Jaguars were defeated thanks to the defenders’ battle skills as well as the terrain advantage of the planet’s wooded marshes. The acquired ‘Mechs and battle armor resulted in the Combine being able to reverse-engineer the technology and produce advanced designs, such as their own battle armor.



Thanks to the Catalyst Demo Team for producing the WWE2020 And hell follow with him PDF and resources.

 Project Development: Alex Kaempen

 Writing: Alex Kaempen

 Catalyst Integration: Brent Evans, James Hauser, Mary Kaempen

 Layout: David Kerber

 Additional Review: Scott Roberts, Craig Gulledge, Patrick Finnegan

Thanks to Camo Specs Online – The images of Mech miniatures are all from their site.

Thanks to Sarna.Net for being the best ever BattleTech resource!

Stuart “Strategos” Marsh. BattleTech Demo Agent #1001.

©2020 The Topps Company Inc. All rights Reserved. BattleTech, BattleTech Alpha Strike, BattleMech and ’Mech are

registered trademarks and/or trademarks of The Topps Company, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

Catalyst Game Labs and the Catalyst Game Labs logo are trademarks of InMediaRes Production, LLC.

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