A Peace of Blake

Shilob – Lyran Commonwealth Front, Operation SCOUR

10 June 3077

“What forces dare defend this military installation from the steel talons of the Jade Falcon?”

Star Colonel Corbin Pryde, Gamma Galaxy, 3rdFalcon Talon Cluster waited for the response. The Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf drop ships were already on final approach to the world of Shiloh on the Lyran Commonwealth front.  Out in the dark flashed pulses of coherent light, followed by plumes of plasma and the inevitable burst of flame from a breached cockpit as the Clan Aerospace fighters cleared the way for the approaching dropships.

An icon flashed up on the holovid – incoming message.  Corbin closed his eyes and cleared his mind.  He was the Falcon’s Talons, swooping towards his prey.  His eyes were the Falcon’s, focused on victory.  He opened them and punched accept.

The screen sprang to life casting a dark and grainy image.  Bursts of static hissed across the screen from the nearby EM discharges, but even so, the image projected was still too dark to see any detail.  As Corbin strained to see, light flickered on the edges of the screen, was that candle light?  From under the sound of the static, a soft melodious sound created a constant background noise, were they hymns?

Into the frame a figure appeared.  Crisp white robes, almost glowing in the reflected candle light.  A hand embroidered logo of a sword against a Cameron Star was emblazoned on a ceremonial cassock.  The figures eyes were covered by a large cowl which cast a shadow over the figures face.  The only features visible where the hook of a nose and a smirking mouth, which on its own, projected utter contempt.

“May the blessed peace of Blake be with you.” said a softly spoken voice.

Corbin shuddered inwardly at the greeting so typical of a priest of the Word of Blake.  Words he had heard many times before.  He could almost smell the burning incense of the ‘re-education camps’ where he was imprisoned on Kittery.  He could still hear the screams of the dying prisoners. The burning smell as the guard’s lasers burner through flesh.  Yet he, David Lear and Devlin Stone had escaped that day. Many had not.

He leaned in threateningly towards the holovid.

“There will be no peace here.  We have come to scour this world of your presence and confine you to nothing but the forgotten pages of history.  I am Star Colonel Corbin Pryde, Gamma Galaxy, 3rdFalcon Talon Cluster. Answer my Batchall!”

The priest paused, seemingly for dramatic effect.

“Your Batchall?  The time of the Clans is long past.  Your dreams of rekindling the Star League have failed.  The genes of your bloodline are spent.  You Pryde blood-kin slain.  Your Khan dead.  Only the words of Jerome Blake hold the answers to reigniting the fire of the Star League.”

The words of the priest cut deep into Corbin, like a dull knife.  Anger rose in him.

“You dare refuse by Batchall!  You will face us in battle, quiaff?”

“How I would have liked to face the Warriors of Clan Wolf… Now that would have been a worthy challenge.”

His words were like the talons of Turkina herself, piercing his heart.  Corbin could contain his rage no more!

“You will drown in your own blood as the talons of the falcon tear out your throat.  I will personally make you pay for the millions you have killed in your Jihad. I will make you pay for the cowardly bombing of on Arc Royal that killed Star Colonel Diana Pryde.  I will make you pay for the assassination of Khan Martha Pryde.  I WILL MAKE YOU PAY!” he screamed at the top of his voice, his face mere centimetres from the holoprojection of the priest.

The edges of the priest’s mouth turned up, in half smile, half smirk.

“My apologies, where are my manners.  We will honour your customs.  I, Demi-Precentor Erin Maxwell, blessed of the Word, bid forces from the 6thFree Worlds Legionnaires.  One chapter of BattleMechs, and one chapter of armour and infantry.

Bid well, Star Colonel Corbin.

May the blessed peace of Blake be with you.”

The HoloVid went dead. A few seconds after, pieces of the Holovid were scattered across the bridge of the Dropship.


“Trees, more trees…”. Star Captain Lawrence turned back away from the forest, and thought he’d looked into the visage of a bear.  Star Colonel Corbin Pryde looked as if he was one step away from declaring a Right of Annihilation on anyone who dared speak to him.

Star Captain Joan finally broke the tense silence.  “I will bid my Echo Trinary of three stars to the battle.  We shall obliterate this insignificant force.”  She crossed her arms, looking satisfied with herself. Star Captain Jackson, of the 1stClusters, Bravo Trinary, shook his head, and stepped forward.

“You fail to honour our ways, Star Captain Joan.  We are Jade Falcon.  We do not squander our resources and risk the waste of total warfare.  We strike with our talons at our enemies throat.”

Joan stepped dangerously towards Jackson.  He calmly held a hand up to her.  “I mean no disrespect.  You have done yourself great honour in qualifying as a Star Captain, you bring pride to your sibko.  I watched your destruction of three BattleMechs in your trial, most impressive.”

Joan hesitated, the anger in her face replaced with a sense of pride.

“But bidding is as much a part of warfare as the battle itself.  We must do all we can to ensure we do not waste resources or commit unreasonable force to destroy an enemy.  Remember the Smoke Jaguars at Turtle Bay.  We are Jade Falcon!   We do not kill millions in acts of mass destruction.  This is why we must oppose these Blakists.

I bid two Stars from the Bravo Trinary.”

Jackson waited.  He was about to speak again to seal the bid when Lawrence interrupted him.

“Two Stars? Against a group of hymn singing priests.  These are not warriors worthy of our blood.  I think your caution is more befitting of the Star Captain of a SoIahma unit.  I will bid a Nova.  One star from the Gamma Trinary, and a point of Elementals.  That is all we should need to destroy these Spheroids.”

Lawrence stepped back from the circle of bidding, scratched into the dirt floor of the drop ship landing site.  He idly cast his gaze away from Jackson and towards the towering OmniMech’s that stood, statue like, but ready for battle.

“The impulsiveness of the young chick, is no match for the steel claws of a seasoned hunter, Lawrence.” childed Jackson, as if were speaking to a sibko cadet.

“A hunter that has seen too many seasons, and without earning a Bloodname?  Surly there is a garrison force somewhere you could command?”

“Enough!” Shouted Star Colonel Corbin.  He stepped into the circle, looking ready to snap Lawrence in two like a twig. Lawrence retreated so quickly from the circle he almost fell backwards.

“The blood of this enemy is on my talons.  The taste of their flesh in my beak.  I shall bid my Command Star, 1stTalon.”

A hush fell over the clearing.  The Star Captains of the 3rdFalcon Cluster stood in shock at the fever of their Colonels bid.  Lawrence made a step forward, but Jackson placed a firm hand on his arm, and spoke in a respectful tone.

“Sir, your Black Lanner, 5th Point, is still under repair.  Also, the MechWarrior of your 2nd point Direwolf is not expected to live. You do not have a full star.”

Despite the respectful tone of his council, Corbin gave him a dangerous stare – somewhere between fury and madness.

“Then I shall substitute my, 5th Point BattleMech for a point of Elements – quiaff?”

No one spoke out.

“Aff.  Well bargained and done.” Jackson spoke finally.  “I would be honoured if you would allow me to pilot the DireWolf in you Star, Colonel”.

Finally, some of the anger left Corbin’s eyes as he strode forward and clasped the forearm of his good friend.

“Aye.  Well bargained and done.  We will show these Blakests how sharp the talons of falcon are, my old friend.  Seyla.”

“Seyla.” voiced all.


A fallen log splintered under the foot of the 85 ton Warhawk as it strode across the lightly forested plains.  Corbin scanned his eyes over the displays.  The Enhanced Imaging allowing him to easily see, his BattleMech was ready for battle.

“Status check”.

“2ndTalon, Jackson.  Direwolf is fully functional”

“3rdTalon, Elise.  Timberwolf is fully functional”

“4thTalon, Lara.  Mad Dog is fully functional”

“5thTalon, Marc.  Elemental Point is 5 x 5”, Star Captain Marc voice didn’t seem at all phased by the fact they he and his point where grappled onto the torsos and arms of Corbin’s War Hawk.

Corbin smiled in pride.  His command star, sometimes called by other Star Colonels, the Isorla Star, contained some of the fiercest and most deadly machines designed by the clans, but not from Clan Jade Falcon’s factories.  These Mechs had been won in battle, mostly in the Refusal War against Clan Wolf in 3057, and now the Wolf worked with the Falcon.  At this moment forced from Clan Wolf were engaging the Shadow Divisions of the Word of Blake on the southern desert continent.

Operation SCOUR was a multi force coalition lead my Devlin Stone, and had one goal, to destroy the Word of Blake.  The Lyran’s had made planetfall first, and had made a quick assault of the Capital City of Ashford.  The Blakists had fallen back, in apparent defeat at the advance of the Assault Mechs of the Com Guard 1stArmy.  Then the Manei Domini, the hands of the master, had struck.  Strapping vests ladened with plastic explosives to the former Lyran civilians, the suicide bombers destroyed the legs of many of the Com Guard Mechs. Corbin remember the holovids from the black box footage of a Lyran Atlas.  As its leg was crippled by the blast from what appeared to be a woman with a push chair, it pitched backwards.  Even as it crashed to the ground, more civilians swarmed over the head of the fallen titan and disappeared in a blast of white-hot light. That’s how the Lyran Commander had died.

“Contact 500 meters” called out Elise, her Timber Wolf on point.

“Aye” confirmed Corbin, his focus once again on the present.  They will pay.

“Elise, Lara, move your mechs out to the left flank. Move up and take position in those patches of heavy woods.  Jackson stay in the centre, avoid that urban area to the right.  The Blakists may have trapped it, quiaff?”


“Show them why they should fear the Direwolf!”

The huge, flat topped Dire Wolf thundered forward.  100 tons of death.

The advanced Targeting Computer of his Warhawk chimed as it identified and marked units. Directly in front of his lay the McKensie air base, their target. Its Aerospace fighters had been destroyed in orbit, and the Blakists had moved their Drop Ships, but it was still a HiVal target.

Jacksons Voice called out over the coms in a wide band frequency.

“I am Star Captain Jackson 2ndTalon, of the 3rdFalcon Cluster, Command Trinary of Clan Jade Falcon.  I pilot the sole Dire Wolf in the Command Star.  I hereby invoke the ritual of zellbrigen and challenge the pilot of the Legacy of the 6thFree Worlds Legionnaires to a dual of warriors. It is a solemn matter, let no one interfere!”

Jackson punctuated his statement with a flight of LRM’s and white pulses from his ER Large Lasers.  The lasers went wide, but a few of the missiles impacted, scaring the thick armour of the Legacy.  First blood had been drawn.

The Legacy moved forward but the juked sideways behind a now dormant defence turret, cutting Jacksons line of fire.  Just behind to its right, the huge form of a King Crab lumbered into view.

“Dezgra!” cursed Jackson, his target lock lost.  It was dishonourable for him to now fire upon the King Crab, as he had declared zellbrigen vs the Legacy.

Of the right flank a Crab, sporting a pair of ER PPCs crested at hill in the distance, while a nimble Raijin ran past it.

Corbin nudged his Warhawk to the right.  “If it is a shooting contest you want, Crab, you will have one”.

Elise’s Timberwolf strode quickly up the left flank heading for the tree line. “Contact.  I have two, no make that three Turham APC’s.  They are moving through the air base towards us.”

Lara’s Mad Dog went even wider on the left.

With a burst of plasma, a light mech suddenly shot into the sky, over the walls of the air base, landing 200m from Jacksons Dire Wolf.

“Contact.  It is a Nexus.”  Jackson ignored the new light mech, his focus on the Legacy.  The Nexus powered towards him cutting the distance – and then the chiming started in his cockpit.

<Warning.  Enemy Target Lock>

“This Nexus pilot has a death wish, quiaff” laughed Jackson, and then the world exploded around him.  Fire from the Turham’s, Nexus and the still distant Legacy, tore up the sodden earth around him.  Although most of the shots missed, the Legacies AC10 shells came within a whisker of hitting – either that MechWarrior was good or….

“Computer, run an enemy SigComs analysis”

<Analysis Complete.  High Data Traffic detected in the Tau frequency range used by Inner Sphere improves C3 computers>

“Stravag!  Corbin, they have C3.  That Nexus is a spotter!” yelled Jackson over the coms.

Corbin cursed.

“Savashri!  They have broken zellbrigen!  All points, fire of the Nexus.”

The once tranquil forests exploded in a sea of lasers, autocannons and missiles as the four Clan Mechs fired on the Nexus.

Corbin mashed down all four triggers on his joysticks, and the cockpit became hell on earth from the heat of the Warhawks 4 PPC’s.  Alarms blaired, the smell of fumes rose.  Corbin curse himself for his overreaction.  As his instructor has told him The Warhawk is over gunned.  Consider one of your ER PPCs a spare, unless of course you want to die in a pillar of fire.

Through the smoke the Nexus still came!  It fired its jump jets again, closing the distance towards the Dire Wolf, as more weapons fire from the Legacy and Turhams struck.  Jackson pushed his Dire Wolf forward and into a slow-moving river, submerging his mech up to its torso.  Some of the fire directed at him now sizzled off the surface of the water as it absorbed the energy of the laser fire.  The heat sinks on his legs instantly showed increase efficiency.

“I have this surat.”  Jackson fired both arm pods of the Direwolf.  The ER Large Laser, 2 Medium pulse lasers and Ultra AC5 from each arm lashed out towards the Nexus, but only managed a glancing blow as it jumped clear over him.

“The Turham’s are deploying some sort of Battle Armour.  I can not get a clear lock on it! Some type of Stealth tech.” called out Elise.  “Let us remove them from the battle field”

Elise’s Timber Wolf and Lara’s Mad Dog both sent flights of LRMs and laser blasts out towards the closest Turham, vaourising armour from its front side, yet its armour held.

The slow-moving King Crab finally came into view.

Lara called out “I will challenge this King Crab” and stabbed the Mad Dogs Large Pulse Lasers and flights of LRM20’s at the Crab.  It didn’t even slow.

Elise’s Timberwolf let rip with another double LRM20 flight along with two ER Large Lasers and the Turham bursts into flames.

Corbin exchanged fire with the Crab on the hill, using his ER PPCS conservatively to control his heat, but neither scoring hits at the extreme range.

Riding on a pillar of plasma from its jump jets the Nexus landed right behind Jacksons Dire Wolf.  The Legacy also continued forward, blazing away with its Ultra AC10’s and ER Medium Lasers.  Armour boiled off the Dire Wolf torsos and arms under the barrage.

A sudden burst of light stabbed through the plexiglass cockpit, flash burning Jacksons left arm and one of the Nexus ER Medium lasers struck the head of the Direwolf.  He cursed as spots of light floated in front of his eyes and instinctively swung his mechs left arm out, twisting its torso to bring the arms weapon pod in line with the Nexus.  In one deafening roar of autocannons and whine of lasers the entire central torso of the Nexus collapsed in on itself.

“Scratch one.” Jackson hissed, gritting his teeth against the pain in his arm.

“Move in on that Legacy, let us take it down!” called Corbin.  He swung his Warhawk away from the Crab.

“Star Captain Marc, deploy, and target the Legacy”.  A series of dull clunks sounded as the Elemental point disengaged their magclamps and dropped using their jump jets to the ground, pausing onto for a second before firing the jump jets again and flying towards the Legacy.

Corbin’s targeting computer gave tone, and he fired three of his ER PPCs at the advancing Legacy.  The azure lightning vapourised huge swathes of armour from the Legacy’s torso.  It stumbled, and then was hit again as the fire from the Clan mechs poured into it.  A flurry of SRM’s from the Elementals headed towards the Legacy but went wide at the last moment.

Jackson’s Dire Wolf rose up out of the river heading straight towards the Legacy, strafing it with laser and autocannons.  The Legacy still stood, firing its ultra-high rate auto cannons into the torso of the Dire Wolf, peeling back its armour and smashing through the endosteal internal structure.

Warning lights flared into life, as the fusion engine sustained damage. Heatsinks winked out on his console and the heat levels rocketed in Jacksons cockpit.  An alarm sounds and seconds later a huge explosion ripped through the left side of the Direwolf as the intense heat cooked off the LRM ammo in the left torso.  An intense pain from the neurohelmet feedback filled Jacksons head as the CASE system directed the blast out of the rear loading doors but gutted the torso.  With an inhuman screech, the Direwolfs left arm fell to the ground.  Then darkness fell as the fusion plant override shutdown the power to the BattleMech.

“Jacksons Mech has shut down, cover him” shouted Corbin over the coms. His ER PPCs continued to hammer the Legacy.

Elise’s Timberwolf cut back into the fray from the flank but came face to face with the King Crab, but the monstrous machine ignored the 75 ton clan mech, and pumped huge LB20X shells into the immobile Direwolf.  With a thunderous flash, the ammo from the right arms Ultra AC5’s blew out the CASE in the right arm, the second feedback pulse through the neurohelmet finally overcame Jackson, and blackness engulfed him as the 100 ton war machine crashed to the ground.

A flare of jump jets sprang from the legs of the Legacy as it jumped back away from Corbin’s Warhawk.  Only then did he see, that most of the Legacy’s torsos and its arms lay on the floor. His targeting computer confirmed; the Legacy had been completely disarmed.

“I’m taking fire!” shouted Elise down the coms.  Her use of contractions showed her panic.  A fast-moving huge silver sphere smashed into the torso of her mech.  Corbin’s targeting computer identified the attacked as a Shootist, standing on the hills almost 400 meters away.  Right at the extreme range of its Guase Rifle!  How was it managing to hit?  At then it dawned on him, the King Crabs C3 computer was feeding it targeting data.

The King Crab swung ponderously towards the Timber Wolf and its auto cannons roared, smashing through the Timber Wolfs armour like paper.  Elise’s tried to close the distance towards the Crab, but the Timberwolf’s left leg trailed behind her Mech, the foot and leg actuators destroyed.  The low frequency booms suddenly went up a pitch and the torso of the Timber wolf was pelted with tiny sub munitions as the King Crab switched from slugs to cluster rounds with its LB20X auto cannons.  The effect was devastating.  Sparks, smoke and thick green coolant fluid seeped out from holes across the torsos.

“Fusion Plant’s shutdown!  Punching out!”.  The cockpit plexiglass blasted out as Elise’s ejection seat cleared her Timberwolf just before it toppled to the ground.

Corbin watched, stunned for a moment, when a flash of motion crossed in front of him as the fast-moving Raijin flew past him.  He reacted and fired on impulse, scoring a glancing hit, but it carried on heading for Lara’s Mad Dog.  Corbin stamped down on the foot pedals and threw the Warhawk forward. Suddenly azure light flashed in front of him, like lightning from the sky, striking the Mad Dog.  The Crab had moved quickly down form the hill on the right flank and using the targeting solutions from the Raijin, was firing from over 400 m away at the Mad Dog.  Thankfully the pilot seemed unable to get a clear hit, but the Shootist had no such issue, as its ER Large Laser and Gause Rifle, it smashed into the Mad Dog. Again, the boom of the solid LB20X slugs sounded and ripped craters into the Mad Dogs torsos.

For a moment it looked like one of the slugs had hit the cockpit, as it blew up and out, but then the ejection seat flew on its jets into the air! The Mad Dog fell back like a toy with its strings cut.

In the distance, the Elementals fired another SRM pack at the King Crab but missed.  Then new plumes of flame appeared as the enemy Battle Armour leapt towards the Elementals.  As they landed the fired off some type of long-range ballistic weapon.

“Taking fire from Achileus Battle Armour!  Elementals 1 and 4 are down.  They are using Anti-Armour Gauss Rifles.”  A final scream came over the coms.  Corbin’s command console showed flatlines for all 5 elementals.  He was the last Falcon standing.

He pushed his Warhawk into a run, moving away from the Crabs ER PPCS as it opened up from a distance.  A dense patch up woods blocked his view of the King Crab, but he took an opportunistic shot at the fast-moving Raijin, my cleanly missed.

In the distance two squads of Achileus Battle Armour fired again, at what?  He was will out of range.  Then he saw the life signs of Elise and Lara flat line… Another group of Achileus appeared on top of the prone form of Jacksons Direwolf. His life signs were weak, but he was still alive.  He was still alive when the Achileus finally gutted his fusion engine.  He was still alive as the auto eject system catapulted him free.  He was still alive as the ejection seat crashed to the ground.  Then the Achileus opened fire… Corbin reached over and switched off the medical monitor as it let forth its mono-tone beep.

The Raijin head straight for him, the rotating turrets on its torsos locking onto him and dowsing his Warhawk in ER Medium Laser fire, spitting SRM Streak missiles with deadly accuracy.  He ignored it.  Pushing the foot pedals down to the floor he charged his Warhawk at the King Crab. The whole Warhawk shook violently as the massive LB20X shells smashed home, throwing off his aim with the ER PPCS.

He closed on the Kind Crab, firing with three ER PPCs, his heat building.  A horrific screech of metal tore through his cockpit as his Right Torso and Arm finally came free under the barrage.

Then he was face to face – Cockpit to Cockpit with the Blakist mech.  Its white armour scared with PPC fire.  Both Battlemechs opened up at point blank range. Armour vaporised.  Warning alarms blared in his cockpit as it filled with the heat from the weapons and damage to his fusion engine.  The Mechs locked together.  Corbin threw the Warhawks leg forward and smashed into the King Crabs already damage right leg.  It held on by a few sinews of myomer fibre.  As his kick connected the King Crabs left leg smashed into the Warhawks right leg, and 100 tons of force sheered it completely off in one kick.

A sudden sense of vertigo filled Corbin’s head as the Warhawk pitched backwards, and just as it hit the floor the lights in the cockpit went out as the heat finally overcame the fusion reactor.

For a moment everything was quite… then a voice, carried by loud speakers on the King Crab, spoke out in a clear melodious tone.

“May the blessed peace of Blake be with you”

A roar of autocannon fire sounded ripping through the torsos of the Warhawk. The last sound Corbin heard was the voice of his computer.

<Warning. Stackpole inhibitors offline.  Fusion plant cr….>

The Warhark exploded like a small supernova as the fusion plant went super critical.  The blast wave tore the King Crabs right leg off and punched through the central gyro. The King Crab was thrown onto its back, its remaining limbs flailing, unable to right itself.



Star Captain Joan stifled a gasp of horror as she watched the explosion from the cockpit of her Summoner on a hilltop overlooking the battle.  She looked out across the skirmish line of the other Omni-Mechs in her star and that of Star Captain Lawrence.  His Super Nova towering over the other Mechs.

“It would appear that Star Colonel Corbin Pryde and Star Captain Jackson have fallen in battle” Lawrence stated, in a matter of fact way.

“Why did we not assist them?” Joan stated in an accusatory tone, over the encrypted command channel between their two BattleMechs.

“Honour has been server here.  Corbin Pryde made his bid, and he failed to complete his objective and paid with his life, as it should be.”

“Shall I order our return to the Drop Ships?”

“Neg! You do have much to learn Joan.  As you made the first bid of a Trinary, we may now join the battle with our two stars with no loss of honour.  Corbin failed we shall not!”

“Corbin Pryde, quiaff?”

“Aff.  My apologies for dishonouring him by not stating his blood name. Although now there is a vacancy in the House of Pryde.  One I intend to fill.” Lawrence’s ambition clear in his voice.

“Then Corbin Pryde died for no reason.  Is this not a waste, quiaff?”

“Neg!  Corbin Pryde died a Warriors death.  He died a Jade Falcon, with the throat of his enemy in his talons.”

“Query, Star Captain Lawrence.  Is this why you advised me to start the bid?  Is this why you cut down the bid against Jackson?

Lawrence smiled.  “You have much to learn Joan.” and with that statement, his Super Nova began to move forward, his star following him into battle.

Historians Note

The above account from the Clan Jade Falcon lore master was written in 3085 after the defeat of the Word of Blake, by Devlin Stone.  Although it is filled with clan flamboyancy and propaganda it is by all accounts a good account of one of the many battles that occurred across the surface of Shilob during its liberation by Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Wolf and the Lyran Commonwealth as part of Operation SCOUR.

In this engagement the Clan Jade Falcons included the following:

  • Star Colonel Corbin Pryde (4/3), Warhawk Prime (85/BV 4,408)
  • Star Captain Jackson (4/3), Direwolf Prime (100/BV 3,743)
  • Mech Warrior Elise (4/3), Timberwolf (75/BV 3,777)
  • Mech Warrior Lara (4/3), Mad Dog (60/ BV 3,244)
  • Elemental Point Commander Marc (4/5) + 4 Elementals [SRM/Small Lasers] (BV 447)
  • Total BV 15,701

The Word of Blakes forces were as follows (The names of the adepts have not been recorded).

  • Demi-Precentor Erin Maxwell, King Crab 005 (4/5) (BV 2264)
  • Nexus II 2-A (4/3) (BV 912)
  • Raijin 101-C (4/5) (BV 1389)
  • Crab CRB-30 (4/5) (BV 1509)
  • Shootist 9C (3/5) (BV 2072)
  • Legacy 01 (4/5) (BV 1967)
  • C3 network (BV 3034)
  • 3 Turhan Mk1 (4/6) (BV 607×3)
  • 3 squads of 6 Achillies David Light Gause Rifles (4/5) (BV 327×3)
  • Total BV 15,949

Records show that none of the Clan Jade Falcon 3rdCluster Command Star survive – any surviving MechWarriors having been executed on the battlefield.

Records are incomplete but suggest that Demi-Precentor Erin Maxwell survived although his King Crab was not seen in the later battles.

A Clan HERALD (High Elevation Reconnaissance and Listening Drone) from the battle captured the images which I had included with tis document.

It is hoped that by sharing this historical record will help restore honour to Clan Jade Falcon, after the current Khan Malvina Hazen has adopted her Mongol Doctrine and invaded the Republic of the Sphere, Prefecture IX.  Maybe she or others will see that the Clan Jade Falcon and the Republic can work together.

Knight Errant Kitsune Kurita, Republic of the Sphere 3145

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