“Scout out the area Commander”.

Game Setup

This mission takes place on a 2 x 2 game board. Select any four maps.

Each player chooses and identifies 4 hexes within 8 hexes of the opponents home edge as Recon Points


Players either deploy within 3 hexes of their how edge (choice of Northern Edge or Southern Edge).


Track Cost: 300


+100 “Mines” (Attacker/Defender) – The player may deploy four level 4 minefields anywhere on the map


“Sector clear” – Per target hex that has been scanned. [100] Max 400 WP.

“Keep those scouts clear” –  Per target hex that OPFOR has not scanned. [-50] Minimum 0 OP.

Special Rules

Scan – Any unit (except infantry) in a force may attempt a detailed scan on any turn that it ends its Movement phase within 3 hexes of an opposing Recon Point (5 if the Attacker unit is equipped with any equipment with “probe” in the title or equipment description). Scanning is successful if the unit spends two complete turns within range of the target. The unit attempting the action may not fire any weapons or make physical attacks during the time it takes to complete a scan; units equipped with a probe ignore this limitation. Line of sight is not required. 

Victory Conditions

Mission ends:

  • If all four target sites are scouted.
  • The scenario ends at the end of turn 12