Rapid Strike


“Commander – your mission is simple – we need the communications and tracking Control Tower in this sector destroyed.

Land your Union Class Dropship with in striking range of the Control Tower and deploy your forces.  The Control Tower is surrounded by turrets, but they draw power from the Control Tower generators, so if it goes down, they all go down.

You may decide to land close to the facility with the drop ship to make use of its weapons, or be more safe and land outside the turrets weapon range.  If you lose that drop ship – it’s coming out of your pay check, and you’ll have a long walk home.”

Game Setup

Place 4 map sheets in a 2 x 2 grid.  Between the southern two mapsheets, between the hexes above and between 1509 and 0109 place the Control Tower.  Place 6 Turrets, 2 hexes away from the Control Tower (1407/1208/1409 and 0107/0308/0109).

There is a MegaMek map available for this mission.

Control Tower

The Control Tower is a Level 3 Hardened building with 180 CF.  It houses the generator for the turrets so if it is destroyed the turrets are also destroyed. When destroyed the turrets can no longer fire.


Each turret is on a level 1 Heavy Gun Emplacement has a CF of 90 (Gun emplacements take half damage from attacks).

The Defender may place 7 turrets, one on each of the 6 gun emplacements and one on the center building, there are:

  • PPC turret
  • Dual AC/5 Turret
  • 2 x LRM 20 Turrets
  • Dual Large Laser Turret
  • 2 x Dual Medium Laser Turrets

Turrets have a Gunnery skill of 4.



The Attacker deployed in a UnionClass Dropship (represented by a circular template with 1 hex in the center and 6 hexs surrounding it and 10 levels high).

At the start of turn 1 the dropship arrives hovering at altitude 1 and can be deployed anywhere on the map.

At the start of turn 2, ‘Mechs the Union dropship lands and Mechs can unload.

Once the dropship lands it will remain stationary until the end of the scenario, or it retreats.

The Attacker may retreat by moving their combat units to a hex adjacent to the dropship and then “Mounting’.  The dropship may leave the map at any time along with any Mechs in adjacent hexes.

The dropship has a gunnery skill of 6 (but as per the rules in Total War receives a -2 to hit targets).


The defender may deploy their units anywhere within 6 hexes of the control tower.


Track Cost: 200





  • Destroy or cripple an enemy unit [50 max of 4]
  • Cause 45 damage to the Com Tower [50]
  • Cause 90 damage to the Com Tower[100]
  • Cause 135 damage to the Com Tower[150]
  • Cause 180 damage to the Com Tower[200]


  • Destroy or cripple an enemy unit [50 max of 4]
  • Cause 45 damage to the Dropship[50]
  • Cause 90 damage to the Dropship [100]
  • Cause 135 damage to the Dropship [150]
  • Cause 180 damage to the Dropship [200]

Mission End

  • The scenario is complete when 75% of combat units are destroyed/in forced withdrawal.
  • When the Dropship takes 180 Damage
  • When the Com Tower is destroyer
  • If all attacking combat units are destroyed the dropship withdraws and the end of the next turn.
  • If the Com Tower or Dropship are destroyed all other forces withdraw. The opponent scores points as if they were destroyed.