Find out whats in those buildings!

Game Set-Up

Place two map sheets in configuration B. Designate randomly one side (North or South) as the Attackers home edge and one side as the Defenders home edge.


The Attacker uses 33% of their Campaign Force and deploys by walking on from their home edge.


The Defender uses 33% of their Campaign Force and deploys within 6 hexes of a building. The Defender places 4 buildings (Heavy CF90)


Track Cost: 300 WP

Optional Bonuses:

+100 Major Weather Event


Id/scan defender’s buildings (100 per building). Scanning must be done within 2 hexes of an enemy unit (4 hexes if a ’Mech is equipped with a Beagle Active Probe) and in lieu of any attack. Place a scan token next to that Mech. That Mech must survive and retreat from the Attackers home edge.

Wound them! (+100) (Defender Only) . Cripple or destroy 25% of the opponents forces.

Destroy them! (+100) (Defender Only). Cripple or destroy 50% of the opponents forces.

Hammer them! (+100) (Defender Only). Cripple or destroy 75% of the opponents forces.

Don’t let them escape (+100) (Defender Only)Cripple or destroy any unit with a scan token before it can exit from the Defenders Home Edge.

Special Rules