“Commander. We have ourselves a bit of a mining despite. Two rival corporations are both laying a claim to a gallium mine. Both sides have exhausted legal avenues so have decided to continue diplomacy via other means…. that would be you.

We need you to secure each of the five major caverns in the mine, the most important one is the central cavern. We have marked those strategic points on your map. Control the strategic way points clear any hostiles and move on. Be careful the enemy may use the maze of caverns to double back on you.

The place is a maze! The tunnels were made big enough for Mining ‘Mechs to get through, so you should have no trouble getting around, but some of those tunnels are very narrow. The place is full of hazards, lava flows, underground streams, hot geysers and rubble from partial colapses.

The local miners are not too friendly. They have left explosive care packages at points throughout the mines. Try and pick them off at range if you can, you don’t want to be near one when it goes off. We also have reports that some of the miners have hidden in the cave system, ready to ambush you.

Good luck! Now how many hard hats are you going to need?

Game Setup

The game takes place on a 2×2 map. There are 5 way points including 1 on the center most hex.

Throughout the mine are 13 explosive traps (explosive fuel tankers) with a CF of 15 and explode with a force of 50/40/30/20/10 at 0/1/2/3/4.

[There is a MegaMek map available for this mission]


Players deploy on within 4 hexes of either their home edge (Choice between sorthern or southern). Units may only deploy on hexes in open ground, not in the mine.


Track Cost: 300


+100 Angry Miners (Attacker or Defender). You opponent may deploy 4 platoons of rifle infantry in hidden deployment in the rubble anywhere in the mine.


  • [+50]. For each Way Point you control (Maximum of 200 WP)
  • [-25]. For each Way point the opponent controls (Minimum of 0 WP)
  • [+200]. You control the central way point at the end of the game.

Special Rules

Secure a way point – If your Combat Unit ONLY (not support unit) ends its turn uncontested on the hex of a way point beacon (with no other enemy units or miners on that hex), that beacon is now controlled by that player. [MegaMek – Add a note on that hex]. That way point remains under your control until an enemy Combat Unit takes control of it. way points may switch back and forth between players.

Mission Ends

The mission ends when:

  • One player controls 5 way points.
  • 75% of OpFor are crippled or destroyed.
  • At the end of turn 12, at which point controlled way points are counted and objectives are scored.

MegaMek Notes

  • This mission is ideal for Double Blind
  • If you want to play on hard mode – set lighting to night!