Meeting Engagement


And now, again, a battle is joined.

Some believe that you get the true measure of your enemy when you first face them in combat. This is true enough to be said, and true enough to be repeated, but it is not a whole truth.

Surely, the first time your weapon strikes out at those who face you, you do not merely test the manufacture of their armor. The flesh and bone beneath it all might give sooner than the metal.

But you cannot know the measure of your enemy until you bring them close to death. Let us see, then, who has come to face us.

Game Setup

The scenario takes place on a 2×2 map grid.

The attacking forces enter from the north map edge.

The defending forces enter from the south map edge.


Track Cost: 300


+100 (Attacker) Air Defense The defender has Defense Aerospaces Support (Light Air Cover) [BattleMech Manual Page 76] OR The defender has an aerospace lance of 5000 BV (using AeroSpace rules)

+100 (Defender) Air Strikes The attacker may make 4 Offensive Aerospace Support (Strikes) (Once/turn) [BattleMech Manual pg 76) OR The attacker has an aerospace lance of 5000 BV (using AeroSpace rules)



100 WP Per enemy Combat unit (Mech or Vehicle) crippled or destroyed 

50 WP Per friendly Combat unit (Mech or Vehicle) that is crippled or destroyed

Special Rules


Victory Conditions

Mission ends after 75% of Attacking or Defending Force are destroyed or crippled, or when opposing force surrenders the field.