This is it – our first strike against my uncle’s Directorate. Our first step toward justice. While I lead the Restoration Army against Weldry’s primary spaceport, you will launch a sneak attack against the Icebox and liberate it. I know that you can do this, Commander. We can do this. Together.

Liberating Weldry changes the political landscape of the Reach in one fell stroke, breaking Espinosa’s hold over the Founding Council by securing the hostages he transferred to the planet with the Concordat’s help.

I want your mercenary company to send your fastest BattleMech’s to a small prison compound where several nobles families are being held hostage.  Bring them back to their families before the Directorate can evacuate them off the planet.”

-Lady Kamae Arano

Game Setup

This mission is player on a 2×2 map sheet

There are 5 Prison Buildings (Level 2 Medium 2 Hex Building 40 CF per hex) counter on hex 0806/0906 and 0811/0911 (4 in total). Each Prison is surrounded by Level 3 CF150 Hardened Walls.


Each player deploys within 3 hexes of their home edge (choose either north or south).

Each player has 4 APC’s per lance. 4 x Sleipnir APC (Standard) + 4 Platoons of Foot infantry (Rifle)


Track Cost: 300


+100* “Heavy Transports” (Attacker/Defender) Replace the APC’s with Vargr


“You’re only supposed to blow the doors off” [50 per building] – If your unit is adjacent to a prison building you may fire on the building to remove the doors.  The doors require 15 points of damage to destroy.  [Note – You may not intentionally target the buildings unless adjacent to them. If a building is destroyed unintentionally – all prisoners are killed]. You may now Evacuate the Prisoners.

“Evacuate the prisoners” [50 per Prisoner] – Once an APC with a prisoner has exited the map you may score points. APC’s may carry multiple prisoners

“Don’t let them escape” [-50 per Prisoner killer] – If a building is unintentionally destroyed or a prisoner killed when an APC is destroyed while carrying a prisoner, the side that destroyed it gets -50 points.  

Special Rules

You’ll freeze before your get past the 1st marker – Weldry is an Ice Planet.  The thick ice makes all footing uncertain.  Whenever a BattleMech or Tracked/Wheeled vehicle moves at a run/flank speed it may skid as if on concrete (see Total War).  Any time a unit changes direction when at a Run/Flank speed and then moves into a next hex they must make a Piloting Skill roll or skid a number of hexes equal to the margin of failure.

Damn that’s cold– The temperature is -50 degrees Celsius. Mechs lose two extra heat per turn.

Secure the prisoner– If you have a unit of infantry inside a prison building uncontested for one full turn (from the start of the turn to the end of the turn) you secure the prisoner. The prisoner now moves with that infantry unit. If the unit is destroyed the prisoner can be acquired by either an infantry squad of a Mech with hands. If a mech is carrying the prisoner and is hit on that arm roll 1d6, on a 1-2 the HVT is killed. If a vehicle carrying the prisoner is destroyed roll 1d6. On a 1-4 the prisoner is killed. If a VTOL carrying the HVT is shot down the HVT is killed, unless the VTOL is on the ground

Forced Withdrawal – Combat units must eject/abandon their vehicles upon receiving crippling damage.

Victory Conditions

  • All prisoners are killed
  • All prisoners are secured (by either player)