My good friend… you have come to defend our fine city, the oasis in the desert! The enemy has landed a substantial force to the north, and I fear it is only a matter of time before our defenses are overrun.

The enemy will attack in waves, probing the defenses with light mobile forces before eventually sending in the head ‘Mechs. Use this to your advantage! Take them down as they approach the city using the ‘Mech battlements. Create choke points at the three main gates. You must protect our fine city for as long as you can. The longer you can hold these barbarians, the more time we have to get out citizens (and personal wealth) to safety.

We have a few antiquated auto cannon turrets on the walls. They may be old but they still pack a punch! Our artillery battery stands ready to offer you support. We have a few old Ferret VTOL’s for search and rescue operations.

If the enemy breaches are walls, then we are lost. Fall back to your dropships and make for the stars!

Good luck, my friend.

Game Setup

This scenario takes place on a 3×3 map.

There is a wall running across the north section of the first map. On this wall are 8 Gun Emplacements (CF 120 – Gun Emplacements) each with an single AC/10 Turret.

To the south there are three DropShip landing pads. Each Mercenary Company that takes part has their DropShip on a landing pad.

[MegaMek Note – Use the Union Mercenary Edition BLK file]



The Attacked can be played by a player not in the campaign [MegaMek – The attacker is assigned to Princess].

The Attacker arrives in waves and deploys on the Northern map edge.

WAVE 1 – Start of turn 1. 40% of the total BV of defenders. 4 Vehicles only per enemy combat formation.

WAVE 2 – Start of turn 5. 60% of the total BV of Defenders. 2 ‘Mechs and 2 Vehicles per enemy combat formation.

WAVE 3 – Start of turn 9. 80% of the total BV of Defenders. 4 ‘Mechs per enemy combat formation, plus 2 on map Long Tom Artillery pieces (per combat formation)

WAVE 4 – Start of turn 13. 100% of the total BV of Defenders. 4 ‘Mechs per enemy combat formation.

WAVE 5 – Start of turn 17. 120% of the total BV of Defenders. 4 ‘Mechs per enemy combat formation with Veteran Training (Gunnery 3 Piloting 4).

[MekaMek – Use the random force generator to generate the MUL using your forces BV or ask me to do it and I will sent you the MUL. It is worth changing the pilot names a colours to indicate the wave the enemy units are in]


The Defender deploys anywhere to the south of the walls.

The Defender places 8 Auto-cannon 10 Turrets onto the Gun Emplacements on the walls [MegaMek – Set these to be controlled by the AI]

The Defender may deploy 1 Ferret VTOL (Per combat formation) for Search and Rescue.

The Defender may deploy on the map 2 Long Tom Artillery Pieces (Per Combat Formation)


Track Cost: 200


  • Destroy at least 75% of wave 1 [25]
  • Destroy at least 75% of wave 2 [75]
  • Destroy at least 75% of wave 3 [150]
  • Destroy at least 25%/50%/75% of wave 4 [50/100/150]
  • Destroy ALL enemy forces in play including Wave 5 [300]

Special Rules

  • NO SURRENDER – NO RETREAT. Rules for Force Withdrawal/Crippling damage are suspended. Rules for Surrendering the field are suspended.
  • DropShip Escape – At any time a player may declare his drop ship is taking off. At that point all forces loaded on the DropShip escapes. Note a DropShip can only take off the turn after forces were loaded (otherwise it damages the Mechs as they need to be secured). Any remaining forces left are considered destroyed and their Pilots/crews dead or prisoners of war. [MekaMek note – You may actually simulate the take off from the battlefield, and continue to play any combat units left behind. Use V TAKEOFF to get to Altitude 1. Then move to the edge of the map and fly off]
  • Search and Rescue – The city has Ferret VTOL’s task for each and rescue. If a MechWarrior/Vehicle Crew does eject then the Ferrets may pick them up and take them back to the dropship (land adjacent and load the MechWarrior. That MechWarrior survives. Otherwise they are captured by the enemy and removed from the game. [MegaMek note – Make sure MechWarriors Flee on ejection is turned off. Any unit in a hex with a pilot at the end of the turn will “rescue” them]

Victory Conditions

  • When the last players DropShips take off (MegaMek – take of and flee the map)