Iwo Jima


“Commander. The enemy have set up a base of operations on a chain of islands called Iwo Jima. We need them removed.

Our world is covered by 80% water, so we have experience with naval conflict, but the enemy has hired some off world mercenaries to garrison the base.

We will provide for you our Peregrine WIGE Transports which can carry your BattleMechs and Vehicles across the water and deliver you onto the islands. To support you with have two Kent Class Destroyers, the S.S. Ashford and the S.S. Canterbury, both are well armed with auto cannons, point defence systems and Thumper artillery.

The enemy have build a number of hardened infantry pill boxes topped with auto cannon turrets. To help assault these we have several squads of Jump Infantry special trained to drop from Karnov Transports and jump into the bunkers.

You goal is to take and hold the strategic way points indicated on your briefing map. The most important of these way points in the command center.

Good luck Commander, may the winds be with you

Game Setup

This scenario takes place on a 4 x 4 (64×68) map.


The attacker deploys at the Start of Turn 1 and may deploy within 3 hexes of ANY map edge.

For each BattleMech or two Vehicles the player receives a Peregrine WIGE Transport (240 Ton WIGE Amphibious Support Vehicle) which comes in two variants one with a Mech Bay and one with 2 Vehicle Bays (One Heavy and one Light). Units can deploy loaded into the Peregrine.

Once the Peregrines have unloaded their units they should proceed to the nearest map edge and leave the map. Each Peregrine should activate at the same time as one ‘Mech to avoid bias in initiative.

[MegaMek Note – Players unit may start loaded into the Peregrines. Also in the lobby their altitude should be set to 1. The Peregrines must be on land and at an elevation of 0 when the UNLOAD their carried units. In the turn after you unload, you MUST move the Peregrine on hex forward while stating on the ground or your Mech will not be able to move away]


The defender deploys in the Deployment Phase within 1 hex of the 3 Mech hangers at the south east of the island.


Track Cost: 300


+100 Island Defence (Attacker) – The defender receives 2 Regular Foot Platoons (Rifle) and 2 Regular Foot Platoons [SRM] (per lance deployed). They defender receives 4 AC 10 Turrets (Per Lance deployed) which may be placed on top of any of the pillboxes (1 Hex Level 1 Hardened CF120). They are loaded with 50% standard ammo and 50% flak ammo. The defender may place 2 Thumper Artillery Vehicles (per lance deployed) any where on the central island (with standard ammo).

+100 Airborne Rangers (Defender) – The attacker receives 4 Jump Platoons (Rifle) and 4 Karnov VTOL’s (Standard) (per lance deployed). One the Karnovs have delivered their troopers they must leave the map as quickly as possible. The players forces are escorted by two Kent Class Destroyers (Per Lance deployed) [.BLK file is in the shared file area].


Mission Type: Control

  • Each Way Point controlled [+50] (Maximum of 200 points)
  • Each Way Point controlled by the enemy [-25] (Minimum of 0 Points)
  • Control the centre Way Point [+200]

Special Rules

  • We’re going down! – If any Peregrine is destroyed over water – the units it is carrying are destroyed. Roll 1d6. On a 1-4 the MechWarrior/Crew were able to bail out and are picked up by Search and Rescue.
  • Forced Withdrawal – The MechWarrior/Crews of units that receive crippling damage must eject and the start of the next Movement Phase.
  • Secure the Way Point – A way point is secured when any Combat Unit ONLY end their turn on the hex containing a red way point beacon.
  • Blow the bunker – (Option) If the attacker has troopers unopposed in a bunker at the end of a turn, they may scuttle the AC10. The defender can no longer use that AC10 for the rest of the scenario.

Victory Conditions

This mission ends:

  • At the end of turn 14.