“Fire is a MechWarriors worst enemy”

-Joshua Wolf, Wolfs Dragoons

Game Setup

The scenario takes place on a 2×2 map grid.

There are 12 target buildings on each side of the map. The target buildings for the player starting in he north are on the southern map sheets and visa versa.



The attacker deploys within 4 hexes of their home edge at deployment.


The defender deploys within 4 hexes of their home edge at deployment.


Track cost: 300


+100 (Attacker and Defender). The external temperatures is set to 70 degrees



50WP “Keep the buildings safe” per per building destroyed on your side of the map. ( Minimum 0)

100 WP “Burned to the ground” – per building destroyed on the opposing side of the map. (Max 400 OP)

Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal – Combat units must eject/abandon their vehicles upon receiving crippling damage.

Fire storm – Roll 1D6 for all flammable hexes on a 1-2 they are alight. Or just set 1/3rd of all flammable hexes alight

Wind/smoke – Roll 1 dice to determine wind direction at the start of each turn.  Fires generate smoke which blows in that direction.

Target Buildings – All buildings are 1 hexes and level 2 with 90 CF.

Victory Conditions

  • When you destroy 4 of your opponents target buildings.

MegaMek Notes

In options it is recomended that you turn on the following options:

  • BASIC OPTIONS – Smoke Drift
  • ADVANCED COMBAT – TacOps Starting Fires