“Keep the friendly forces safe.”

Game Setup

This mission takes place on a 2 x 2 mapsheet. You can use any map sheet.


Opposing forces select a home edge (North or South) and deploy their forces there.

Each player has a force of four vehicles in addition to their own forces.

The vehicles you receive are based on 75% of your lances BV. One of these units should be a command unit, worth up to 40% of the BV.


Track Cost: 300


+100 Armoured Combat – Your opponents escorted forces are based on 100% of your BV.

Special Rules

Which special rules are in effect. Some examples are given below:

  • Forced Withdrawal – Combat units must eject/abandon their vehicles upon receiving crippling damage.


  • 50 WP Per enemy non-command vehicle destroyed or crippled
  • + 150 WP Destroy or cripple the enemy command vehicle
  • – 25 WP For each friendly non-command vehicle destroyed (minus 25 per tank to a minimum of 0)
  • – 75 WP if friendly command vehicle is destroyed (to a minium of 0)
  • + 100 WP Have more tanks than opponent (within 10 hexes of the map center at the end of turn 12)
  • The above references to vehicles are the additional forces provided and not vehicles owned as part of your Mercenary force

Mission Ends

The mission ends when:

  • 100% of Enemy vehicles are destroyed
  • 100% of Friendly vehicles are destroyed
  • The mission ends at the end of the 12th turn.