Counter Attack


BattleTech: Chaos Campaign Succession Wars

Our mistakes have led us to this battle, where we seek to undo them. We should take comfort that our success has purchased this opportunity. We still breathe, and we still have an opportunity to turn back our enemy. A moment of true equilibrium, and we must disrupt their momentum while maintaining ours.

Game Setup

The scenario takes place on a 2×2 map grid.

The attacking forces sets up anywhere of the northern map sheet. Their home edge is the north map edge. The attacker places 4 long tom artillery pieces anywhere on the northern map (These can’t fire unless the WarChest option is selected below)

The defending forces walk in on the southern map edge.


Track Cost: 300


+100 (Attacker) Air Cover The defender may make Offensive Aerospace Support (Strikes) (Once/turn) [BattleMech Manual pg 76] OR may field 5000 BV of Aerospace Fighters (using Aerospace rules)

+100 (Defender) Artillery Strikes The Attacker may attack with the Long Tom Artillery pieces



-50 WP Per friendly Long Tom that is destroyed (to a minimum of 0)

100 WP Per 25% of enemy units that are crippled or destroyed


100 WP Per enemy Long Tom that is destroyed

50 WP Per per 25% friendly units the are crippled or destroyed (to a minimum of 0)

Special Rules


Victory Conditions

Mission ends after 75% of Attacking or Defending Force are destroyed or crippled, or when opposing force surrenders the field.