Commander, we need you to secure the bridge head across a large deep river. There is a two lane bridge across the river. There are also the ruins of two prior bridge that sappers have already destroyed. All that remains of these are the bridge foundation pontoons.

You have three tactical options for getting across the bridge.

You may try to cross the bridge but demo charges have been set at each of the foundation pontoons under the bridge, with more than enough explosives to set off a chain reaction and bring the entire bridge down. A fast unit might make it across the bridge quick enough.

You might be able to bring jump capable ‘Mechs to jump across from pontoon to pontoon. They are about 120 meters apart.

Lastly, you could wade your ‘Mechs across the riverbed.

Ideally we want the bridge intact, but if it’s necessary to stop the OpFor from achieving a bridge head then bring it down. Even a medium laser will be enough to set off the demo charges.

We can also supply you with a small force of hovercraft to assist in taking the bridgehead if required.

Game Setup

The scenario takes place in a 2×2 map sheet with a large river running through the centre.

There are two bridges running cross the river each 90 CF. On each pontoon in a 5 CF explosive package. The explosive will explode with a force of 100/90/80/70/60/50/40/30/20/10 at 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9. This explosion will be enough to chain reaction to the other explosive packages in the bridges, bringing ALL the bridges down, an likely destroying anything on those bridges.

[This map is available on MegaMek]


Each player deploys within 3 hexes of their home page edge. Players can select either north of south.

Players may retreat off their home edge.


Track Cost: 300


+100 “Skimming the surface” – The opposing player has access to the following units

2 x J. Edgar Light Hover Tank (Standard) [25 tons, 544 BV, Gunnery 4, Piloting 5].

2 x Saladin Assault hover Tank (Standard/ICE) [35 Tons, 596 BV, Gunnery 4, Piloting 5].


  • 25% of units reaches the other side of the map [50]
  • 50% of units reaches the other side of the map [50]
  • More BV than opponent on the opposite side of the map after 12 turns [300]
  • Same BV as the opponent on the opposite side of the map after 12 turns [200]
  • At least one units on the opposite side of the map after 12 turns [100]
  • Less BV than opponent on your side of the map after 12 turns. [-50]
  • Less BV than opponent on their side of the map after 12 turns. [-100]
  • Destroying any part of the bridge or setting of the explosives and destroying the bridge. (if both players do this in the same phase they both lose points) [-100]
  • [Note if the ‘Skimming the Waves’ option is chose, then the Hover craft DO NOT count towards BV for the above objectives.]

Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal – Combat units must withdraw upon receiving crippling damage. (This includes the Hovercraft)

Victory Conditions

  • At the end of turn 12