Break Through


Initial resistance has been cast aside, and on we march. Haste is of the utmost concern, but discipline is the crucial virtue. It would be all too easy to push too far now and find ourselves overextended.

Balance in all things is the only path to victory; our strategy must reflect this. Our own flaws are now our enemy as much as the weaponry arrayed before us.

Game Setup

The scenario takes place on a 2×2 map grid.

The attacking forces enter from the north map edge.

The defending forces may set up anywhere on the southern map sheets.


Track Cost: 300


+100 (Attacker) Quiet Like Mice The defender may deploy all units in hidden deployment

+100 (Defender) Tactical Superiority The attacker gets +1 Initiative.



Per 25% of enemy units that is crippled or destroyed [50]

Per 25% of friendly units which exits from the Southern Map Edge [50]


Per 25% of friendly units that are not crippled or destroyed [50]

Per 25% of enemy units that doesn’t escape via the southern map edge [50]

Special Rules


Victory Conditions

Mission ends after 75% of Attacking or Defending Force are destroyed or crippled, or when opposing force surrenders the field.