“Sometimes people need to die.”

-The Bounty Hunter

Game Setup

The scenario takes place on a 2×2 map grid. Use any four maps

Each player may chose a mech as their High Value Target.  Work out the average BattleMech tonnage of the lance and choose any BattleMech or Vehicle as the HVT which is within that class.  The HVT should be at the same tech level.  The HVT is not effected by Force Withdrawal, has a skill of Piloting 5 and Gunnery 4, will not eject and may not leave the field of battle.


The player and their High Value Target (HVT) reply within 3 hexes of their home edge (Choice of Northern or Southern).


Track Cost: 300


+100 “Thats a big one!” (Attacker or Defender) – That’s a big one! HVT is one class larger than the opposing forces average.


100 WP I think we scratch the paint! – Cause Medium Damage (internal structure to a limb)

200 WP That hit something important! – Cause Heavy Damage (Internal structure to a torse or engine/gyro critical)

300 WP Now thats got to hurt! – Cause crippling damage on the enemy HVT

400 WP Take that! – Destroy the enemy HVT

50 WP I’m hit! – Opponent causes Medium Damage to your HVT (internal structure to a limb)

-100 WP Protect me! – Opponent causes Heavy Damage to your HVT (Internal structure to a torso or engine/gyro critical)

-150WP Mayday! – Opponent causes Crippling Damage to your HVT

-200 WP Damn you all! – Opponent destroys your HVT

Special Rules

HVT is not effected by Forced Withdrawal.

Victory Conditions

Mission end:

  • If the enemy HVT is destroyed.
  • The scenario ends at the end of turn 12