Armored Fury


“Commander. We need your forces to escort out tanks division. We are making a cavalry raid across the border, into a ruined town called El Paso. Our tanks are finding it difficult to navigate the rubble, and your ‘Mechs will be much more able to engage the enemy.

Make sure you are watching our backs and keeping their forces off our tanks, especially MY tank! If we win the battle, WHEN we win the battle, you may keep their tanks as salvage as a bonus.

Also be aware the enemy may have some anti tank SRM platoons dug into the rubble.

We only have a short time to get in and secure El Paso before enemy reinforcements arrive and we have to fall back, so lets make this quick.”

Game Setup

This mission takes place on a 2 x 2 mapsheet.

[There is a MegaMek map available for this]


Opposing forces select a home edge (North or South) and deploy their forces there.

Each player has a force of four tanks in addition to their own forces.

Goblin Medium Tank, Manticore Heavy Tank, SRM Carrier, Demolisher Heavy Tank [Commander]


Track Cost: 300


+100 Hidden Strike – Your opponent may deploy 4 Foot SRM platoons in hidden deployment on your side of the map (hidden in buildings or rubble)

[MegaMek – When using this option set the infantry to deploy at the start of the game anywhere with the Advanced Rules Hidden Deployment rule active, then use configure to set your units to deploy at the start of turn 1 to the north or south]


  • 50 WP per enemy non-command tank crippled or destroyed
  • + 150 WP Destroy or cripple the enemy command tank
  • – 25 WP For each friendly non-command tanks destroyed (minus 25 per tank to a minimum of 0)
  • – 75 WP if friendly command tank is destroyed (to a minium of 0)
  • + 100 WP Have more tanks than opponent in El Paso (within 10 hexes of the central building) at the end of turn 10
  • The above references to Tanks are the additional forces provided and not tanks owned as part of your Mercenary force

Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal – Tanks must withdraw upon receiving crippling damage.

Victory Conditions

The mission ends when:

  • 100% of Enemy tanks are destroyed
  • 100% of Friendly tanks are destroyed
  • The mission ends at the end of the 12th turn.