We need your to escort our fast moving APC’s and the infantry squads they are carrying to the target building. Extract the high value target and got them out to our drop ship.

Game Setup

The scenario takes place on a 2×2 map grid. Any 4 Maps can be used.

The attacking forces enter from the north map edge. The defending forces enter from the south map edge.

Each force has additional infantry units and transport APC’s. 4 x Sleipnir APC (Standard) + 4 Platoons of Foot infantry (Rifle)

Designate one building (Hardened, 1 hex, height 1, CF 150 ), at the centre of the game board as the extraction site. This contains the HVT (High Value Target).

[There is a MegaMek map available for this mission]


Each player deploys within 3 hexes of their home edge (choice of either North or south). This edge is also their retreat edge.


Track Cost: 300


+100 (Attacker/Defender) Replace the APC’s with 4 x Vargr APC (Standard)

Objectives (Max 400 WP)

50 WP Per enemy infantry unit destroyed (Maximum of 200).

100 WP for acquiring the HVT at least once.

100 WP for retreating from the table with the HVT.

-200 WP for killing the HVT (to a minimum of zero).

Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal – APC crews must eject/abandon their vehicles upon receiving crippling damage.

Seize the asset – If one of the players infantry unit are in the extraction hex at level 0, with no other units present, and the start (when initiative is rolled) and end of of turn, the asset is extracted. The HVT joins and moves with that infantry unit. If the unit are killed the asset can be acquired by either an infantry unit, vehicle with cargo space, or a Mech with hands who are in that hex and the correct level. If a ‘Mech is carrying the HVT and is hit on that arm roll 1d6, on a 1-2 the HVT is killed (automatically on a hand critical hit). If a vehicle carrying the asset is destroyed roll 1d6. On a 1-4 the HVT is killed. If a VTOL carrying the HVT is shot down the HVT is killed, unless the VTOL is on the ground.

Victory Conditions

Mission ends:

  • When the HVT is killed
  • When a unit carrying the HVT retreats from the home edge