A Chaos Campaign Guide to Orbisonia

“The Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation ached to reclaim the long-lost worlds of the Chesterton Confederation for her nation, and the outbreak of the Second Succession War gave her the opportunity for invasion. Chancellor Ilsa Liao targeted worlds along a wide front, and personally led one of the most feared formations in Capellan history against Orbisonia. Five bloody days in June 2828 turned the tide of the invasion and changed the Confederation forever.”


Chaos Campaign is an abstract system which allows two players to design a CAMPAIGN FORCE for a faction of their choice in a particular era. The players fight a campaign of several battles, each battle is not fought with the entire campaign force by with a fraction of the campaign force called the EXPECTED TRACK FORCE which is usually about 1/3d of the campaign force. Each of these battles is referred to as a TRACK. During each track the players forces will achieve OBJECTIVES and earn WARCHEST POINTS. After each battle the players will need to use WarChest points to buy SUPPORT POINTS to pay to REPAIR AND REARM. The eventual campaign winner is usually the player with the highest WarChest Point total.

Turning Points: Orbisonia

This guide is designed to help play through Turning Point: Orbisonia using the Chaos Campaign system. You will need the TP: O supplement alongside this article.

Force Construction

Each player will make a Campaign Force worth 100,000 BV. This Campaign Force will consists of different Combat Units, as detailed on pp. 9-10 of TP:O.

CaPellan Confederation TO&E

Combat UnitBVExperienceOrganisation
Prefectorate Guard40,000Regular (4)2 x Heavy BattleMech Company (24 BattleMechs) [15,000 BV Each]
2 x Foot Infantry Company (Plus Infantry Transports) [5000 per company]
[1 medium aerospace fighter squadron (6 Fighters) ]*
Red Lancers50,000Elite [2]2 x Heavy BattleMech Company (12 BattleMechs) [20,000 BV Each]
Chancellors Guard25,000Elite [2]1 x Heavy BattleMech Company (12 BattleMechs)
[25,000 BV Each] + Ilsa Liao Marauder MAD-2R**

*If AeroSpace is in use then add 5000 BV for the Prefectorate Guard Aerospace Squadron)

**No additional BV Const for command unit

Federated Suns TO&E

Combat UnitBVExperienceOrganisation
Orbisonia Planetary Militia15,000Regular1 Light BattleMech Company (12 BattleMechs)
1 Infantry Company (Plus Infantry Transports)
1 Light Vehicle Company)
Fourteenth Avalon Hussars35,000Veteran2 Medium BattleMech Company (24 BattleMechs) (15,000 BV each)
1 Medium Vehicle Company (12 Vehicles) (5,000BV)
Second Ceti Hussars (Combat Command A)25,000Veteran1 Medium BattleMech Company (12 BattleMechs) (No more than 17,500 BV of Mechs)
1 Medium Vehicle Company (12 Vehicles)
1 Infantry Company + Infantry Transports
[2 Heavy AeroSpace Flights (4 Fighters)*]
Davion Assault Guards40,000Veteran1 Heavy/Assault BattleMech Company (12 BattleMechs)
1 Heavy/Assault Vehicle Company (12 Vehicles) [May Include up to 4 Long Tom Artillery Units]
1 infantry Company + Infantry Carriers
+ Marshall Nigel Sortek Marauder MAD-3R**

*If using AeroSpace allow 5000 BV for the Second Ceti Hussars 4 AeroSpace Fighters.

**No additional BV Cont for command unit

Guide to Tracks

Consult the table below to determine the size in BV of each force for each track and which Combat Units should be used.

TrackAttackerDefenderSpecial Rules
OvermatchedPrefectorate Guard  (15,000 BV – One Company of BattleMechs only)Orbisonia Planetary Militia (15,000 BV)All OPM units are destroyed at the end of this Track

PG may repair after this Track*
Paint the Town RedFourteenth Avalon Hussars (25,000 BV) [BattleMechs Only]Red Lancers (25,000 BV)
[1 Elite Company]
Units may not repair after this Track*
Ceti TwilightPrefectorate Guard (20,000 BV)
[1 Regular Company of BattleMechs + 1 Infantry Company + Infantry Carriers]
Second Ceti Hussars (20,000 BV)Units may not repair after this Track*
Harrison PressRed Lancers (25,000 BV)Fourteenth Avalon Hussars (25,000 BV)Units may not repair after this Track*
Turnabout IntrudersSecond Ceti Hussars (25,000 BV)

[Optional AeroSpace]
Prefectorate Guard (15,000 BV)
(1 Company of 12 BattleMechs)

+ 2 Medium Lances of 5000 BV each each including 1 Hunchback and 1 Rifleman (These are not taken from the TO&E)

[Optional AeroSpace]
Units may not repair after this Track*
Death GripFourteenth Avalon Hussars (25,000 BV)

12 BattleMechs (17,500 BV)
12 Vehicles and Infantry Company (7500 BV)
Red Lancers (15,000 BV)
(1 Company of 12 BattleMechs)
Units may not repair after this Track*
We Meet AgainSecond Ceti Hussars, Fourteenth Avalon Hussars, (20,000 BV)

Davion Assault Guards (20,000 BV)

[Optional AeroSpace]
Red Lancers & Prefectorate Guard (40,000 BV)

[Optional AeroSpace]
Units may not repair after this Track*
Ilsa’s Last StandFourteenth Avalon Hussars & Second Ceti Hussars (20,000BV)

Davion Assault Guards (20,000 BV)

[Optional AeroSpace]
Red Lancers, Prefectorate Guard [20,000BV)

Chancellor’s Personal Guard (20,000 BV)

[Optional AeroSpace]

*Players may not repair, but they may spend SP to rearm and to purchase new BattleMechs and MechWarriors (and Vehicles/Infantry) but only to replace BattleMechs which have been Truly Destroyed or Crippled (which are assigned from the “other” companies not detailed in the TO&E, although these will enter the game damaged as detailed in the Tracks). Players may increase either skill (Piloting/AntiMech or Gunnery) of MechWarriors once once after a track but no more than once per skill for the whole campaign (note this does change the BV).

WarChest Points

Each faction starts with 1000 WP. Forces may go into WarChest Debt, if they do they may not spend WP other than to enter the next Track.

The Battle Force Size Multiplier for each Track is x3 (based 1 Company of 3 Lances) e.g 100 WP will buy 300 SP.

Example Forces

Capellan Confederation

Prefectorate Guard

Prefectortate Guard 1st Company (19,985 BV)
UnitMechWarrior (G/P)BV
Command Lance
Marauder MAD-2RSao-shao Chau Phuc (3/4)2152
Warhammer WHM-6RSao-wei Minh-Thu Tsu (4/5)1299
Warhammer WHM-6R #2Zhi-peng Khoo (5/6)1117
Warhammer WHM-6KChau-ha Akanni (4/5)1305
Fire Lance
Marauder MAD-3RSao-wei Xhosa Kibowen (4/5)1363
Warhammer WHM-6R #3Emília Orsack (4/5)1299
Warhammer WHM-6R #4Vincent MacFee (5/6)1117
Warhammer WHM-6LTong Mu (4/6)1245
Recon Lance
Warhammer WHM-6RbSao-wei Rodrigo Arroyo (4/5)1431
Vindicator VND-1RMaria-Wiebelina Freund (5/6)881
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1Linda Rapacs (5/6)895
Whitworth WTH-1Pie-qi Jing (5/6)845
Foot Infantry
Foot Platoon (Rifle)Sao-wei Lev Andiev (3/8)108
Foot Platoon (Rifle) #2Safi Kim (4/8)90
Foot Platoon (Rifle) #3Shafee’a Rais (4/8)90
Foot Platoon (SRM)Yan Eberhart (3/8)95
Foot Platoon (SRM) #2Sao-wei Joscelyn Guy (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (SRM) #3Rachel Summers (4/8)79
Mechanised Infantry
Mechanized Tracked Platoon (Rifle)Sang-wei Iniko Suhayb (3/8)87
Mechanized Tracked Platoon (Rifle) #2Jøran Rockmeier (4/8)72
Mechanized Tracked Platoon (SRM)Faline Lewis (4/8)69
Mechanized Tracked Platoon (SRM) #2Simon Skrdlant (4/8)69
Mechanised Transport
Heavy Tracked APC (Standard)Sao-wei Emesto Fiorentino (4/5)206
Heavy Tracked APC (Standard) #2Kirpal Cesti (4/5)206
Maxim Heavy Hover Transport (Standard)Sao-weiBor-zeng Sadozai (4/5)764
Maxim Heavy Hover Transport (Standard) #2Christine Herigstad (4/5)764
Maxim Heavy Hover Transport (Standard) #3Jon Bass (4/5)764
Maxim Heavy Hover Transport (Standard) #4Ahungena Osogo (4/5)764
Special Forces
Jump Platoon (Laser)Sang-wei Sieun Fatasini (3/5)101
Jump Platoon (Laser) #2Virgil Tanoli (3/5)101
Field Gunners
Field Gunners (AC10)Sao-wei Dorette van Emden (4/8)264
Field Gunners (AC10) #2Untung Purbacaraka (4/8)264

Federated Suns

Orbisonia Planetary Militia

Orbisinia Planatary Militia
UnitMechWarrior (G/P)BV
Cat Lance
Wasp WSP-1DBuffalo Jones (4/5)403
Wasp WSP-1AGoldfish Janson (5/6)330
Wasp WSP-1A #2Cheetah Garibaldi (4/6)365
Phoenix Hawk PXH-1Tigress Simpson (4/5)1041
Rabbit Lance
Locust LCT-1VbTrojan Slette (5/6)552
Locust LCT-1ESheet Metal Wiggins (4/5)553
Valkyrie VLK-QABlackbird Gabanyi (4/5)723
Shadow Hawk SHD-2HSpeedbird Ajogin (4/5)1064
Dog Lance
Stinger STG-3GbCuervo Panzner (5/6)580
Stinger STG-3GScrappy Bowen (4/6)472
Javelin JVN-10NMud Hen Sternberg (4/5)594
Wolverine WVR-6RMajor Halo Gu (3/5)1321
Scout Lance
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (Standard)Lurdes Loio (4/6)608
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (Standard) #2Farri Erevu (4/6)608
J. Edgar Light Hover Tank (Standard)Žofia bin Salman (5/6)468
J. Edgar Light Hover Tank (Standard) #2Dong-joo Yi (5/6)468
Fire Lance
Galleon Light Tank GAL-200Max Machent (5/6)297
Galleon Light Tank GAL-200 #2Thalia DiCenta (5/6)297
Harasser Missile Platform (Standard)Kiran Montazeri (4/6)392
Harasser Missile Platform (Standard) #2Rolanda Grillmeier (4/6)392
Battle Lance
Tiger Medium Tank T-12Captain Sienna Miller (4/6)545
Tiger Medium Tank T-12 #2Tom Niamoja (4/6)545
Hetzer Wheeled Assault Gun (Standard)Fung-Yau Wa (4/6)545
Hetzer Wheeled Assault Gun (Standard) #2Bob Oxnard (4/6)545
A Company
Foot Platoon (SRM)Hina Kim (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (SRM) #2Benes Bauch (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (SRM) #3Dionísio Salazar (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (SRM) #4Takuro Aoki (4/8)79
B Company
Foot Platoon (Rifle)Iestyn Pitcairn (4/8)90
Foot Platoon (Rifle) #2Kathleen Pakpahan (4/8)90
Foot Platoon (Rifle) #3Rafi Cvijic (4/8)90
Foot Platoon (Rifle) #4Benjamin Fossmark (4/8)90
C Company
Mechanized Hover Platoon (SRM)Captain Jaroslav Sladen (3/8)49
Mechanized Hover Platoon (SRM) #2Petra Ekeland (4/8)41
Mechanized Hover Platoon (MG)Nathan Warner (4/8)45
Mechanized Hover Platoon (MG) #2Fuikefu Reihana (4/8)45
Transport Lance
Darter Scout Car (Standard)Margit Johansen (5/6)108
Darter Scout Car (Standard) #2Hsueh Bo (5/6)108
Darter Scout Car (Standard) #3Halima Ala’ (5/6)108
Darter Scout Car (Standard) #4Mathias Haugvaldstad (5/6)108

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