The Mercenary Life – Extraction at Fronc

The Mercenary life is a series of stand-alone mini-campaign designed as scenarios for either a friendly local games store event or local play.

Extraction at Fronc designed as an introductory event/campaign for new players who are moving on from the BattleTech a Game of Armored Combat basic rules.

This event will make use of the “Standard” rules found in the following:

  • BattleMech Manual (BMM)
  • Total Warfare (TW)
  • BattleTech: A Game of Armoured Combat (AGOAC)
  • Technical ReadOut: Succession War (TROSW)

There are some scenarios which use Advanced Rules from the following:

  • Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules (TacOps:AR)

The following optional rules will also be in effect:

  • Forced Withdrawal on Crippling Damage (BMM pg. 81)
  • Broken Morale (BMM pg. 81)
  • Backward Level Changes (BMM pg. 15)
  • Floating Criticals (BMM pg. 45)
  • Sprinting (BMM pg. 14)
  • Partially Occupied Hexes (BMM pg. 16)
  • Careful Stand (BMM pg. 19)
  • Expanded Arm Flipping (BMM pg. 25)
  • Expanded Damage Modifiers (BMM pg. 53)
  • Design Quirks (BMM pg. 82)*

*If a BattleMech with Command BattleMech, BattleComputer, is selectec for a lance it must be piloted by the highest ranked MechWarrior (e.g. Veteran Lieutenant or Elite Captain)

Rules for the Day

  • All players should bring their own dice, ensuring they are in clear pairs.
  • All players should bring paper record sheets and their own quick reference chart if possible.
  • There is no painting requirement.
  • Players are encouraged to bring the correct miniature, but proxying is allowed.
  • BattleMats/maps will be provided

Building Your Mercenary Company

Each player should building a mercenary company which consists of exactly 12 BattleMechs arranged in three Lances; a Light Recon Lance, a Medium Fire Lance and a Heavy Command Lance.

All force construction will use the Battle Value System. You can find the Battle Value of any BattleMech (also with different Gunnery and Piloting Skills) from the online Master Unit List.

Any cannon BattleMech that is built before 3028 and not Extinct may be included in force construction, but only if it only includes introductory technology only.

No Special Munitions may be selected.

For a full list of BattleMech’s for 3028 go to the following link:

Alternatively you may roll on this RAT:

RAT from House Arano Soucebook

Skills and Training

Players may when purchasing forces select which level of experience they want the MechWarrior to have. Changing training level is a useful way of using BV effectively in force construction.

Training LevelGunnery/

You can find the new BV cost by using the following table to find the base BV multiplier or going to the Master Unit list.

Light (Recon) Lance

This Lance should consist of exactly 4 BattleMechs with a Battle Value of no more than 3000 BV. The Lance should consist of Light and Medium BattleMechs and no more than 1 Medium BattleMech. One MechWarrior must have a Veteran Level of training, the other three MechWarriors must have a Regular or Green Level of Training.

Medium (Fire) Lance

This Lance should consist of exactly 4 BattleMechs with a Battle Value of no more than 5000 BV. The Lance should consist of Light, Medium and Heavy BattleMechs and no more than 1 Heavy BattleMech. One MechWarrior must have a Veteran Level of training, the other three MechWarriors must have a Regular or Green Level of Training.

Heavy (Command) Lance

This Lance should consist of exactly 4 BattleMechs with a Battle Value of no more than 7000 BV. The Lance should consist of Medium, Heavy and Assault BattleMechs and no more than 1 Assault BattleMech. One MechWarrior must have an Elite Level of training, One MechWarrior must have a Veteran Level of training. The other two MechWarriors must have a Regular or Green Level of Training.

Extraction at Fronc

Nadir JumpPoint

Fronc System

The Periphery

3 February 3028

With a lurch, Captain William Hammond, reappeared into real space.

“Jump sequences complete. All lights show green. Securing systems from Jump. No Local contacts on RADAR. Thrusters at station keeping” the young, yet confident navigation officer for the SS Britannia, ran through the post Jump checklist in his young but precise tones.

The lurch Hammond felt, was not a real physical movement. The Invader-Class JumpShip had not moved in any real sense, but had simple ceased to exists at one point in space and appeared in another. There were few would could even explain how this “space-magic” worked after the loss of technological understanding through countless Succession Wars.

The lurch was in Captain Hammond stomach. He fought to contain the nausea that hyperspace jumps always caused him. No one knew why, but a small portion of the population suffered from Jump Sickness, and despite all manner of modern medicine and no one had a cure, but there were all manner of home remedies. The one that worked for Hammond was chewing a deep black liquorice stick, and although it stained his teeth black, the strong aniseed flavour masked the acid taste of his breakfast repeating on him.

“Ensign Iden, deploy the Jump Sail and calculate recharge time”, commanded Captain Raymond Sykes in his aged and gravelly tones.

As a seasoned JumpShip Captain he knew exactly how long it would take the Jump Sails to collect the solar energy from the local spectral class G4V star and to recharge the powerful Jump capacitors of the Kearny-Fuchida Drive before his Jump Ship could Jump again, but it was important to teach the younger officers. He was proud when Ensign Iden chimed back instantly,

“185 hours recharge time, sir. Plus 7 hours to extend and retrieve the Jump Sail, Captain.”

Captain Sykes gave an approving smile at the confidence of his junior officer, before turning to face Hammond. His smile dropped back to his normal perpetual frown.

“Now Major Hammond, would you mind getting your Drop Ship off of my hull!”

Sykes always found the tradition odd that there could only be one Captain on board a Ship. So all other Captains were given a temporary promotion to the rank of Major. Of course, Hammond’s rank of Captain had been given to him, by himself after all… a rank that befitted the Commanding Officer of the Hammond’s Hammers Mercenary Company, fully registered on Galetea, home of the Mercenary Review Board.

“Thank you Captain, for your services. I hope y’all will honor our contract and stay on station keeping until we return from our mission”, he said in his best Taurian back water inflections.

“You’ve paid us for 1 month. Any more, and I’ll add it to your bill!” barked Sykes. “Running a Jump Ship, ain’t cheap mercenary”.

Hammond nodded before activating his personal comm.

“This is Hammond Actual. All Hammond’s Hammers, we have arrived at Fronc. Lance Lieutenants and Senior Technicians to the briefing room. The Invictus drops in 15 minutes!”

Hammond’s Hammers (Example Force)

Unit history

William “The Hammer” Hammond, a native of the back water world of Lastpost in the Tauriand Concordate, served well in the Taurian Defense Force for 10 years, as part of the 1st Concordat Velites.

Most of the combat he saw involved fending off aggressive raids by House Davion forces, leading to an intense hatred of the Federated Suns. He was captured by the Aurigan Reach Restoration Forces in 3028 after the Taurian Concordats attack on Catle Nautilus by Commodore Samuel Ostergaard.

When House Santiago’s complicity in tricking the Concordat into the war was revealed, Captain Hammond felt shamed by his units actions and defected to the forces of the Restoration, serving in the campaign to retake Coromodir.

For his service to Lady Arano his was allowed to keep his BattleMaster (nicknamed Bertie), and formed a new mercenary company, Hammonds Hammers. He recruited other soldiers who had either defected, rallied around, or signed on for the cash to Lady Arano’s cause. They also were awarded one of the Directorates Unit Class DropShips as salvage, and renamed it the Invictus.

He now seeks contracts in the region although avoids work for the Taurian Concordat and would never work for the Federated Suns.

Light (Recon) Lance (2987 BV)

BattleMechMechWarrior (G/P)BV
Locust LCT-1E [20]Ben Hoshino (4/5)553
Commando COM-2D [25]Juanita Shuang (4/5)541
Valkyrie VLK-QA [30]Jun Ya (4/5)723
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H [55]Lt Nelek Sidelsky (Veteran) (4/4)1170

Medium (Fire) Lance (4883 BV)

BattleMechMechWarrior (G/P)BV
Stinger STG-3G [20]Curt Gatete (4/5)497
Wolverine WVR-6K [55]Hayastan Pagán (4/5)1248
Thunderbolt TDR-5SE [65]Lt Sylvana Herbst (Veteran) (3/4)1866
Griffin GRF-1N [55]Teagan Tyrie (4/5)1272

Heavy (Command) Lance (6932 BV)

BattleMechMechWarrior (G/P)BV
BattleMaster BLR-1GCpt William Hammond (Elite) (2/3)2552
Warhammer WHM-6DLt. Sixt Stuhmiller (Veteran) (3/4)1942
Rifleman RFL-3NPa Serrano (4/5)1039
Catapult CPLT-C1Selam Salah (4/5)1399

Mission 1 – Phone Home


Fronc Relay Uplink Station Alpha 103


The Periphery

12 February 3028

OK boys and girls, take a seat.

We are here on Fronc to extract Dr Adehle Nkosi, a Scientist formally from Free Worlds League. Apparently Dr Nkosi’s research has turned up something of interest to our employer, Herr Weiß, but before he could secure her employment, she left her lab on Lopez and travelled to here on Fronc. According to intel provided she was being escorted by a private security contingent, who’s identity is unknown, but I don’t think they’ll be giving her up without a fight.

Worse, it seems there has been a lot of chatter on MercNet from other Mercenary companies interested in this same target. We’ve detected another Union-Class DropShip burning towards Fronc, and that seems like to much of a coincidence to be a good thing.

Our first mission is to ascertain her location. Herr Weiß has provided us with a computer virus which can be installed at one of the base stations of the planetary communications grid. The virus just needs to be transmitted from any BattleMech to each of the five uplink towards in the array before it can be fully installed on their system. Once active, it will monitor all communications for her likeness and voice print and triangulate a position.

Although Fronc is pretty much the arse end of nowhere, they still have a planetary militia that won’t take kindly to use stomping through their array, so we need to get in and out quickly. Thats why I’ve selected the Light Lance for this mission.

God Speed.

Game Setup

This scenario takes place on two map sheeps placed long edge to long edge or on one BattleMat.

Each player deploys their Light (Recon) Lance only.

Place five Uplink towers on the map (1 Hex Level 3 Light building CF15) Place one at the centre of the map, and one 7 hexes north, south, east and west of the central tower.

One Mercenary Company enters from the north and one from the south (determine deployment edge randomly).


Connection Established (100) – Control at least one upload tower at the end of turn 8.

Upload Commencing (100) – Control more Uplink Towers than the opposing player at the end of turn 8.

Upload Complete (100) – Control the central Uplink Tower at the end of turn 8.

Virus inserted (100) – Control all of the Uplink Towers at the end of turn 8.

We’ve lost the signal (-100) – Per Uplink Tower you destroy. If both players damage the Uplink Tower in the turn in which it is destroyed, both lose 100 points.

Special Rules

Uploading the Virus

If a friendly BattleMech (in a non-crippled state) is within range 1 (adjacent) to an Upload Tower during the end phase of a turn and no non-crippled enemy BattleMechs are within range 1 of the Tower, place a token to mark that the player now controls the Uplink Tower and has uploaded the virus. If the opposing player in a later turn takes control of that Uplink Tower, remove the controlling player’s token and replace it with the new owning player’s token.

Time Limit

The game ends at the end of Turn 8 when the local militia forces arrive.

Mission 2 – HiJack


Thanet Plains


The Periphery

14 February 3028

Bad news is we’re not the only outfit it town interested in Dr Nkosi.

Good news is our employers virus has hit pay-dirt. It seems Dr Nkosi is being moved by a secure convoy from the city of New Gravesend to the residence of Mr Austin Hayden a prominent business man/scoundrel in these parts. Seems like Hayden is a power broker aiming to set up the sale of Dr Nkosi’s services.

Our mission it to intercept the convoy as in crosses the Thanet Plains, identify the civillian ground car carrying Dr Nkosi and extract her. Intel has spotted three separate convoys, each with one civillian ground vehicle which is guarded by a T-12 Tiger Tanks. Seems Mr Hayden has connections in the local militia and has hired some local muscle. Two of the convoy vehicles must be decoys. You’ll have to get close to each vehicle to ID if it is the one we want.

While we need speed to get in and out, we are going to need more firepower than the last mission. I’ve selected our Fire Lance to take this on.

Hit each convoy and neutralise their escort. Identify if its the target vehicle and then have one of your Mechs pick up the civillian ground vehicle and carry it back to the RV, before they escape the area or enemy reinforcements arrive.

God Speed.

Game Setup

This scenario takes place on two map sheeps placed long edge to long edge or on one BattleMat.

Each player deploys their Medium (Fire) Lance only.

There are three convoys. Each convoy is made up of one T-12 Tiger Medium Tank (55 Tons) and one civilian ground vehicle.

The Tiger tanks enter the map on the western map edge at hexes 0107, 0109 and 0111.

One Mercenary Company enters from the north and one from the south (determine deployment edge randomly).


Running Scan (100) – Have identified at least one vehicle in the convoy.

Target acquired (100) – Identify the Target Vehicle.

I have the package (100) – Have a BattleMech holding the Ground Vehicle at the end of turn 8

Home Run (100) – Carry the Ground Vehicle off the map through the edge your force deployed from

Special Rules

Convoy Movement

Each convoy (with one Tiger Tank and one Civilian Ground Vehicle) travels towards the east map edge using the following rules. They will avoid any wooded hexes. The will not go below the line of hexes starting 0105 or above the line of hexes starting 0113. They move at the tanks flank speed of 6. The convoy will not move backwards unless its path is completely blocked.

Each civilian ground vehicle occupies the same hex as the escorting Tiger tank at all times (they move together as one unit) and has no stats and may not be destroyed.

The convoy will only stop moving if the Tiger Tank in that convoy is immobilised or destroyed. If a Tiger Tank is immobilised its crew will bail out (and is considered destroyed).

The convoy vehicles always moves first in each turn as if they lost initiative. After the first convoy moves, each player moves one of their BattleMechs, then the second convoy moves etc.

The Player that lost initiative moves their choice of a convoy first and then moves their first BattleMech. The opponent who won initiative then moves their choice of a convoy second and then moves their first BattleMech.

E.g. Player 1 wins initiative. Player 2 picks a convoy to move first and then moves their first Battlemech and player 1 chooses a convoy to move and then moves their first Battlemech. Then Player 2 who lost initiative moves the third convoy and their second BattleMech.

Convoy COmbat

Tiger Tanks have a Gunnery Skill of 4 and a Piloting Skill of 5. Each Tiger Tank will fire all the weapons it is able to, at the closest target. If there is more than one target in range of a weapon, roll randomly for the target of all the weapons.

The civillian ground vehicles have no stats and can’t be targeted or destroyed.

Identify the Vehicle

If any BattleMech ends its turn within range 1 of a civillian vehicle it may identify it. Roll 1d6. For the first attempt by any player on 5-6 the vehicle is the correct one. On the second attempt on a 4-6 the vehicle is the correct one. If neither of the first two identified vehicles are the correct one, then the third will be the target vehicle.

No vehicle can be identified until the turn after the escorting Tank has been crippled or destroyed.

Home Run

During the Physical Attack Phase any BattleMech with Target vehicle at range 1 in its forward firing arc, which has not used its arm or front facing torso weapons, and has identified the Target Vehicle in a previous turn, and there are no standing enemy BattleMechs in Range 1 of the Target Vehicle, one and only friendly BattleMech may attempt to pick up the Target Vehicle, but they must first make a successful Piloting Skill Roll with the following modifiers:

  • No Modifier for having 2 working hand actuators.
  • +1 for each missing (not on the record sheet/BattleMech Design) or damaged actuator (hand actuator, lower arm, upper arm) or damaged shoulder. (+4 if the entire arm is missing).

If a Rifleman RFL-3N tried to pick up a vehicle it would receive a +2 for the design missing two hand actuators and a +2 for the design missing two lower-arm actuators for a total of +4.

If a Centurion CN9-A tried to pick up a vehicle it receives a +1 for the design not having a right hand actuator.

If a BattleMech takes any critical hits to any arm actuator or shoulder actuator while holding the Ground Vehicle it must make a PSR (using the above modifiers) or drop the vehicle in its current hex).

If the BattleMech falls at any point it must drop the ground vehicle in the hex it falls in.

While holding a vehicle, the BattleMech may not fire weapons unless they are on the head, legs or Rear Torso locations. The BattleMech may not Punch but may kick.

No vehicle can be picked up until the the turn after escorting Tank has been crippled or destroyed. Tanks which have been Crippled continue to fight.

BattleMechs which are prone may not Identify or pick up the target vehicle.

Time LiMit

This scenario ends after 8 turns or if all of the convoys leave through the eastern map edge.

Mission 3 – knock, Knock


Mr Haydens Private Compound, Thanet Plains


The Periphery

16 February 3028

We’ve been had! Turns out the target vehicle was another decoy with a body double of a women of the same rough height and appearance as Dr Nkosi. They instead flew her by VTOL to Mr Haydens private compound.

It would seem that Mr Hayden does not like visitors. The place is surrounded by 12 meter tall walls with weapon turrets equally spaced around the perimeter, as well as a reinforced gate to the complex.

All of the weapon turrets are slaved to a central generator, so if that goes the entire defence grid goes down.

We’re going to need some Heavy ‘Mechs for this job, so I’ll be taking in my Heavy Command Lance on this mission.

Lets go knock on that door!

Game Setup

This scenario takes place on two map sheeps placed long edge to long edge or on one BattleMat.

Each player deploys their Heavy (Command) Lance only.

Print Mr Haydens fortress from the attached image file and then place it on the centre of the map.

The walls of the complex are level 2 and Hardened (CF 120).

The buildings in the center are Medium (CF50)

The north wall and south wall each have three weapon turrets (Gunnery 4).

  • Western most turret, 1x LRM 20 Launcher (with 4 tons of ammo)
  • Middle Turret, 1x AC10 (with 4 tons of ammo)
  • Eastern turret (by door), 1x SRM 6 and 2 x Machine Guns (each with 4 tons of ammo)

The Door is Heavy (CF 90).

There is a 2 hex CF 50 Petrochemical Generator building inside the compound. Of either hex of this building is destroyed all the turrets lose power and the generator explodes doing 40 damage (range 0)/30 Range 1/ 20 Range 2/10 Range 3 in 5 point groupings.


Generators out/turrets down (100) – Destroy the generator building. If both players damage the building in the turn it is destroyed then both score this objective. Alternatively score this objective if your forces destroy all the turrets on your side of the table (north or south).

Entering the compound (100) – Have at least one non-crippled BattleMech inside the complex at the end of turn 8.

Holding the compound (100) – Have more non-crippled BattleMechs inside the compound than the opponent.

Complex secure (100) – Opponent has no non-cripple BattleMechs in the Compound.

You were only supposed to blow the doors off (-100) – For each hex of non-generator buildings destroyed. If both players damage the building in the turn it is destroyed then both score this objective.

Special Rules

Turret COmbat

Each turret will fire all its weapons it is able to at the closest target. If there are more than one target roll randomly to find the target of all the weapons. Turrets can’t rotate their fire arc to face in the direction of the inside the compound or of a wall hex.

Turret Damage

Each time building hex with a turret on it takes damage in one weapon attack greater than its Damage Threshold [This value is equal to the building hex’s Construction Factor (at the start of the turn), divided by 10 (round up)] there is a chance of a critical hit. Roll on the below table. For more details see TacOps AR pg. 119.

Table from pg. 119 TacOps:AR

Time LiMit

This scenario ends after 8 turns.


The Mercenary Company that achieved the most Objective Points over the whole day (to a maximum of 1200 is declared the winner.

A special Epilogue is available on request for Event Organisers only. Please either leave a message here or on

Chaos Campaign (Optional)

This campaign may be converted to a simple Chaos Campaign, using with the Chaos Campaign Supplement or A Chaos Campaign Guide to… Start with 100 WarChest points. Each track costs 200 WP to enter. Additional options are not included but could be added.


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