Operation GUERRERO – Van Diemen IV

[With thanks to Sarna.net, the best wiki in the InnerSphere]

Historical Overview

After the death of Joshua Marik in 3057, Victor Steiner-Davion replaced the child with a double to keep war supplies from the Free Worlds League coming to his forces. Thomas Marik discovered this substitution in September of that year, and ordered the Free Worlds League Military to attack the Federated Commonwealth in retaliation for the deception. Most of these worlds were former Free Worlds League planets that the Federated Commonwealth had captured and integrated into the Sarna March. Sun-Tzu Liao ordered the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces to attack Sarna March worlds as well to support his (possible) father-in-law.

Simultaneously with the attacks on the Sarna March by the FWLM and CCAF, Katherine Steiner-Davion announced the formation of the Lyran Alliance and declared her nation neutral in the conflict.

On Van Diemen IV the FedCom defenders successfully held off the 10th Marik Militia and 23rd Marik Militia regiments, and the 3rd Oriente Hussars until December, when the 1st Sirian Lancers reinforced the FLWM.

Scenario Rules

This scenario is a multiplayer team game, with one team playing the FLWM 3rd Oriente Hussars vs the AFFC Third Republican Guard.

Each Player on the team will bring a lance of exactly 4 BattleMechs (no vehicles, infantry or other units).

Unit selection should follow the following rules:

  • Each player has 6500 BV to spend on their Lance. Players may not share BV between team members.
  • BattleMechs should be selected from 3057 or before.
  • Players may choose to use the below Random Assignment Tables (either rolling or choosing) if they wish, but this is not mandatory. XOTL RAT
  • Players may only select units with InnerSphere Technology (No Clan Units).
  • All BattleMechs must be cannon variants (no custom units).
  • Each lance will have a Captain with an Elite level of training (G2/P3, G3/P3 or G2/P4)
  • Each lance will have a Lieutenant with a Veteran level of training (G3/P4, G4/P4 or G3/P5)
  • Each lance will have two Privates with a Regular Level or Training (G4/P5, G5/P5 or G4/P6)
  • All BV costs for BattleMechs may be found on The Master Unit List. (Using BV2)

Rules for the day:

  • All players should bring their own dice, ensuring they are in clear pairs.
  • All players should bring paper record sheets and their own quick reference chart if possible.
  • There is no painting requirement.
  • Players are encouraged to bring the correct miniature, but proxying is allowed.
  • We will be using the Total Warfare/BattleMech Manual Rules set with the following optional rules:
  • Individual Initiative – Each player will roll their own initiative. Players may not pass between each other in their teams.
  • Forced Withdrawal (Total Warfare) – Units which suffer Crippling Damage must retreat to their home edge. The MechWarrior of any BattleMechs incapable of movement must eject.
  • Expanded Backwards Movement (TacOps) – Backwards movement on a successful Piloting Skill Roll (if there is a change in elevation).
  • Segmentent Fire (BattleMech Manual) – Players take turns in firing Weapons as per initiative with no target declaration phase.
  • The following Ammo Types are allowed – Standard, Smoke, Thunder LRM, Inferno SRM/MML, Autocannon (AP, Caseless, Flak, Flechette), Arrow IV (Homing, Cluster), NARC, Artemis IV



New Kent City

Van Diemen IV

Federated Commonwealth

13 September 3057

“The 3rd Oriente Hussars have landed a Union Class DropShip just outside the tactically important city of New Kent and deployed a mixed Company of BattleMechs. We are deploying a rapid response Company to the city in response. One Leopard class DropShip has been made available to you to allow the rapid combat drop of one lance directly into the settlement, but we have detected the enemy forces are also combat dropping a force. Secure the five waypoints in the city, including the priority target: City Hall, and hold them against these Free World part timers. Lets show them what a real army fights like!”

Leutenant-General Robert Baker

Game Setup

This scenario takes place on four map sheets in a 2×2 arrangement. In the center of the map deploy a dense city with a central building – the City Hall.

At the center of each of the 4 maps place a WayPoint marker. Place another Waypoint at the center of all four maps.

AttackeR (3rd Oriente Hussars)

Over the course of the after the 4th Succession War and Clan Invasion, the unit was primary stationed on border with House Liao. Designated to defend against raids and other threats which left the unit with a lot free time. Initially their unit commanders Colonel Gotch and Clifford drilled the unit in parade-grounds skills, to keep the unit disciplined and busy. These unit skills came useful, when League went on the offensive.

In 3057, Operation Guerrero was launched by Captain-General Thomas Marik after the death of his son. Operation had the 3rd Oriente invade the Federated Commonwealth world of Van Diemen IV. Here they fought the 3rd Republicans for control of the planet. The unit utilized pre-planned operations without using communications, leaving the 3rd Republicans without means listen into their plans. The Hussars, were victorious over the Republicans claiming the planet. The Hussar’s supporting troops however were badly mauled and was forced to withdraw.

This force deploys at the start of the game from the Northern map edge, and may retreat from that map edge.

Defender (3rd Republican Guards Regiment)

The Third Republican Guards Regiment was formed in 3029 from the first and second battalions of Justine’s Grenadiers and the second battalion of the 4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry. These former Capellan Confederation units were “orphaned” during the Fourth Succession War and joined the new Tikonov Free Republic. Justine Gordon quickly built a new regiment out of these two heavily-damaged units. In 3030 the Third Republican assaulted Wasat, and forced the 15th Marik Militia to withdraw after capturing their headquarters unit. In 3035 the Third Republican raided the Nestor system while the Free Worlds League was distracted by the Andurien Secession.

This force deploys at the start of the game from the Southern map edge, and may retreat from that map edge.


Track Cost: 300


+200 Combat Drop (Attack or Defender) – The opponent may combat drop one players lance before round 1 using the Combat Drop rules (BattleMech Manual).


Secure the City (+100) – Have secured more WayPoints than the opponent at the end of turn 10.

Secure the City Hall (+100) – Have secured the WayPoint at the center of the map at the end of turn 10.

Wound Them (+100) – Destroy or Cripple 25% of the opposing force.

Hammer Them (+100) – Destroy or Cripple 50% of the opposing force.

Special Rules

Secure the WayPoint – At the end of each turn total the BV of the non-crippled units within 6 hexes of a waypoint. The force with the most BV takes control of that waypoint, and retains control until the opposing force has more BV.

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