A Chaos Campaign Guide to Operation: KLONDIKE

Historical Note

Who are the Clans and where did they come from?

One simple answer is: Operation KLONDIKE!

The new worlds colonised by the Star League Defence Force in Exile were aflame. General Alexandre Kerensky was dead, as was all hope in a new a peaceful life on the Pentagon Worlds: Eden, Crice, Bablyon, Dadga and Arcadia.

On February 12th 2082, Major General Nicholas Kerensky led a second exodus from the Pentagon Worlds. He gathered with him, those SLDF soldiers who were the most loyal to his father, were the most loyal to the ideas of the Star League, or were just mad enough to follow him… Their destination: Strana Mechty – the “Land of Dreams”.

“We will purge our old ideals and ethics; those belong to the corrupt stars of the Inner Sphere, and will not serve as we begin anew. Now, while our minds are open and yearning for new insight, we must remold them and fill them with the truth of our destiny. For we are destined not only to be different from those we left behind, but also better. My father knew this, and saved us from the holocaust of the Inner Sphere. I accept it as truth, and have returned to lead you, the survivors of this most bitter trial.”

— Nicholas Kerensky to his loyalists on Strana Mechty, 2802

In this second attempt at creating a new society, Nicholas Kerensky was not going to make the same mistakes as his father. He was going to make completely new ones… Drawing on the histories of ancient Terra, on the philosophies of Carl Marx, of Vladimir Lenin, of Mao Zedong, with a bit of Gengis Khan thrown in for good measure… he forged a new society. A society based of martial traditions, a society based on might means right, a society based on… furry animals? They became… the Clans.

Nicholas took the remaining warriors of the SLDF and through a series of grueling trials, he selected only the best of the best. In the end only 800 warriors made the cut. They were a mixture of MechWarriors, AeroSpace Pilots, Armored Infantry, and some random guy from the Draconis Combine who they accidentally picked up for the ride. They were the best of the best, the pinnacle of martial prowes, and of course Nicholas Kerensky qualified as one of them.

Taking the 800, he divided them into 20 Clans of 40 warriors. Each Clan (bar one) was assigned a totem animal, an animal which would define their very ethos and values! The last Clan, Blood Spirit, would embody the shared values that all the the Clans held. From the 40 Warriors, each Clan held further trials to choose a Khan and SaKhan to lead them.

If Nicholas Kerensky had learned one thing from his father, it was that everyone society needs a purpose. Something to bind it together and drive it forward! His gather had tried to do that with the Hidden Hope doctrine, which although it had worked for a time, was far too long term. Nicholas needed something short term, something that this generation could aspire to, and so was born Operation KLONDIKE – the plan to retake the Pentagon Worlds.

On the 2nd of July 2821, 19 years after leaving the Pentagon Worlds, the Clans landed on the Pentagon Worlds (well… except for Dadga… because their JumpShip broke down and they needed to wait for the auto repair club to turn up and fix it). Four Clans were assigned to each world… some worked together… some actively worked against each other. The Clans who performed best in Operation KLONDIKE would earn the favour of the new IlKhan, the Khan of Khans, Nicholas Kerensky.

Conditions on the Pentagon Worlds had degenerated. Most of the cities lay in ruins, and over half of the people on the worlds had perished in the fighting, or many more due to disease, strife and a lack of broadband internet connections (and other basic amenities).

Only the strongest Warlords survived the fighting, claiming an area of each Pentagon world as their personal fiefdom. This is where the true battle would be…

“Our victories here have proved the rightness of the Way of the Clans; let it always be so among those of the True Faith. Let these few words always announce our coming and portend our victory.”

— Nicholas Kerensky speaking on Clan Liberation Day, May 26, 2822

What is Chaos Campaign?

Chaos Campaign is an abstract system which allows players to design a CAMPAIGN FORCE for a faction of their choice in a particular era. The players fight a campaign of several battles, each battle is not fought with the entire campaign force by with a fraction of the campaign force called the EXPECTED TRACK FORCE which is usually about 1/3d of the campaign force. Each of these battles is referred to as a TRACK. During each track the players forces will achieve OBJECTIVES and earn WARCHEST POINTS. After each battle the players will need to use WarChest points to buy SUPPORT POINTS to pay to REPAIR AND REARM. The eventual campaign winner is usually the player with the highest WarChest Point total.

In A Chaos Campaign guide to Operation: Klondike, one player will play a Clan of their choice. A GM or OpFOR player will play the forces of the Pentagon World Warlords. The Clan player will need to keep track of their forces through each track in a campaign. Each Campaign consists of a series of Tracks based on the events in Operation KLONDIKE for each Clan’s campaign. Only the Clan player needs to track their forces, the OpFOR player will roll randomly or choose forces to oppose the Clan player in each Track.

For more details on using Chaos Campaign see:

A Chaos Campaign Guide to…

Generating Clan Forces

Each clan player will build a Trinary of 45,000 BV. Each Trinary is made up of 3 Stars, and each star made of 5 Points. Players may choose to roll randomly of choose from the RAT table from the Operation KLONDIKE Historical Supplement (pg. 146-147).

Use the following guidelines when building the force:

  • The Clan warriors are the best of the best. All Clan MechWarriors and AeroSpace Pilots in Operation KLONDIKE must have a minimum training level of Elite. Other forces (Infantry/Vehicles) may have any level of training at or above Regular.
  • Each Point may consist of:
  • One BattleMech.
  • Two Vehicles/VTOLs.
  • One Platoon of 25 Infantry (all Clan Infantry are in 25’s). Infantry units may only be selected if there is adequate troop carrying capacity in the force. All infantry must be carried into battle.
  • Two AeroSpace Fighters (If players agree to use AeroSpace)
  • Each Star may be a mixed force.
  • Each force should include two Star Commanders, each leaving a Star. They must have at least a Legendary Level of Training.
  • Each force should include a Star Captain who must have ay least a Heroic Level of Training.

Each force also has One Union-C DropShip, which does not cost any BV, and only takes place in scenarios where it is mentioned. If a forces DropShip is ever destroyed it must be replaced or the campaign ends.

Alternatively, players may choose to build a force solely for one Track rather than using the Chaos Campaign System. In this case it is recommended that the force has a BV of 15000.

Levels of Training

Experience Level
(if rolled randomly)
Very Green7/76/77/6
Heroic1/10/11/0 (0/0)


The rules of Zellbrigen and bidding were not yet written by the Clans and do not apply for these Campaigns. In some Tracks there are options which limit the Clan players ability to focus fire, which would eventually become the basis for Zellbrigen.

Star Composition

As a rough guide if rolling randomly or choosing, Star should follow the following guidelines for there composition. Roll 1D6 for the Star size and 2D6 for the composition.

Roll (2D6)Light Star
Medium Star
Heavy Star
Assault Star
2-55 Light1 Light, 4 Medium2 Medium, 3 Heavy1 Medium, 2 Heavy, 2 Assault
6-84 Light, 1 Medium5 Medium1 Medium, 4 Heavy4 Heavy, 1 Assault
9-103 Light, 2 Medium4 Medium, 1 Heavy5 Heavy3 Heavy, 2 Assault
11-122 Light, 2 Medium, 1 Heavy3 Medium, 2 Heavy1 Medium, 3 Heavy, 1 Assault2 Heavy, 3 Assault

Using the Clans RAT

When rolling randomly or choosing BattleMechs Star Captains should roll in column A, Star Commanders in Column B and other Clan MechWarriors in Column C.

Special Pilot Abilities (Optional)

You may choose to allow Special Piloting Abilities as per Strategic Operations (and shown on personnel cards in BTAGOAC and other products).

Each unit may start with SPA’s or purchased later but are limited to a maximum as per the following table based on their level of training.

Training LevelStarting SPA’s1 Point SPA2 Point SPA3 Point SPA

Pentagon Powers Forces

The Powers of the Pentagon Worlds have pulled together forces with a variety of levels of training. Some are Elite forces from the SLDF, while some are Civilians who have been drafted and trained to be warriors. When rolling randomly for Pentagon Warlord forces roll on the following table for their experience level. You may also choose to give Pentagon Powers warriors Special Piloting Abilities as per their level of training.

Roll (2D6)Level of Training
2Very Green

Pre-existing Damage

Many of the warlord forces have equipment which is in a poor state of repair. Tracks may give the option for Pre-Existing Damage. If so roll on the following table.

1D6 Pre-existing Damage

1 No pre-existing damage.

2-3 Light existing damage. This unit receives 1 point of damage for every 5 tons of mass, distributed randomly in 5-point (or fraction thereof) groups. Do not roll critical hits, even if internal structure is damaged.

4-5 Moderate existing damage. This unit receives 2 points of damage for every 5 tons of mass, distributed randomly in 5-point (or fraction thereof) groups. Determine one critical hit to a random location, as well as any possible critical hits suffered from any internal structure damage. Disregard any hits that would immobilize or destroy the unit (including cockpit/crew killed hits, ammunition hits, and destroyed motive systems/engines and gyros).

6 Heavy existing damage. This unit receives 4 points of damage for every 5 tons of mass, distributed randomly in 5-point (or fraction thereof) groups. Determine two critical hits, each to a random location, as well as any possible critical hits suffered from any internal structure damage. Disregard any hits that would immobilize or destroy the unit (including cockpit/crew killed hits, ammunition hits, and destroyed motive systems/ engines and gyros).

Forced Withdrawal

Due to their Elite training Clan BattleMechs (and only BattleMechs) are not required to follow forced withdrawal. All Clan Infantry and Vehicles who have a level of training below Elite do need to follow Forced Withdrawal.

Pentagon Powers Forces always follow Forced Withdrawal.

WarChest Points

Each Clan force starts with 100 WarChest Points. If the force is ever reduced to 0 WarChest Points, then that Clans Operation KLONDIKE campaign is a failure.

Clan Forces should play through each track in turn in their campaign. If a Track results in a defeat, the player may still proceed to the next track unless it is stated otherwise. The Clans Operation KLONDIKE is considered a success if all tracks are completed and more than 50% of the campaign Tracks are victories i.e. The Clan Force achieves more Objective Points in a Track than the OPFOR player.

Operation: KLONDIKE Chaos Campaigns

ClanPentagon WorldOPFOR
Clan Star AdderArcadiaIlkasur Shogunate
Nation of Hastur
The Dragon’s Republic

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