Redemption Rift Scenario 2

The Forest of Marv


42 Kilometres outside Marv, Marlowe’s Rift, The Reach

16 February 3139

After the main Davion Militia was defeated at the Battle of the Pass, Charlie Company were dispatched to scout a smaller military base near the settlement of Marv.

As they followed the road towards Marv through the dense forests of Marlowe’s Rift, the remaining Davion Militia including Captain Stone’s Atlas waited in ambush!

To standard tactical doctrine for Wolf’s Dragoons when ambushed is simple… CHARGE!


This scenario takes place on 4 map sheets in a 2×2 grid. You can choose any heavily wooded map sheets. There is a road running from East to west.

Shared files included MUL’s and map files can be found at:

Shared OneDrive Files

Attacker (Charlie Company)

Captain Nathan Castles Charlie Company of 5 Omni-Mechs (each with a Point of Elementals mounted) deploy with 3 hexes of the west side of the map, and progress east towards the eastern edge of the map. Charlie Companies Regulator Hover Tanks are in the rear of the formation and are not bought into this battle due to their limited maneuverability in forests.

2012 by Peter Wort

UnitMechWarrior/Crew (G/P)BV
Cauldron-Born (Ebon Jaguar) BCaptain Nathan Castle (2/3)4259
Thor (Summoner) PrimeChun (3/4)3015
Ryoken (Stormcrow) PrimeWagner (3/4)2736
Grendel (Mongrel) PrimeFraser (3/4)3011
Mad Cat (Timber Wolf) PrimeGarcia (3/4)3598
Elemental Battle Armor [Laser]Lt Parke (3/5)537
Elemental Battle Armor [Laser] #2Urban (3/5)537
Elemental Battle Armor [Laser] #3Hüseyin Schauermann (3/5)537
Elemental Battle Armor [Laser] #4Muhsin Raco (3/5)537
Elemental Battle Armor [Laser] #5Maarit McLanachan (3/5)537

Defender (Davion Malitia)

Captain Stone’s ambush force may deploy in Hidden Deployment on any forest or rough hex on the map. The ForestryMech MOD’s may start the game with clubs taken from the trees.

The Galleon GAL-103’s ECM suites are very effective at defeating any Active Probes. (Note the Davion forces have no C3 network operational)

UnitMechWarrior/Crew (G/P)BV
Atlas AS7-KCaptain Stone (2/3)3654
Blade BLD-7RHaibaa bin Ahmad (4/5)1227
Catapult CPLT-C5ALt Jennifer Williams (3/4)2339
Thunderbolt TDR-10SKang-chor Kim (4/5)1766
ForestryMech MODJulie Hutcheson (4/5)239
ForestryMech MOD #2Akper Zafer (4/5)239
ForestryMech MOD #3Roderica Rhoney (4/5)239
ForestryMech MOD #4Clariee Cossa (4/5)239
ForestryMech MOD #5Eugene O’Solan (4/5)239
ForestryMech MOD #6Aba Imarika (4/5)239
Marksman MBT M1APhilippa Young (4/5)1778
Galleon Light Tank GAL-103Aileen Allen (4/5)872
Galleon Light Tank GAL-103 #2Kenny Knapman (4/5)872
Galleon Light Tank GAL-103 #3Keith Silveira (4/5)872
Galleon Light Tank GAL-103 #4Chi Tran (4/5)872
Galleon Light Tank GAL-103 #5Ameena Orji (4/5)872
Galleon Light Tank GAL-103 #6Erin Jennings (4/5)872
Foot Platoon (SRM)Mike Rajput (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (SRM) #2Ivanhoe Davletov (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (SRM) #3Chesislava Kahovsky (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (SRM) #4Tommy Nakamura (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (SRM) #5Zdenek Hosek (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (SRM) #6George Hardy (4/8)79
Foot Platoon (Flamer)Dragica Erkocevic (4/8)74
Foot Platoon (Flamer) #2Fayza Bhatti (4/8)74
Foot Platoon (Rifle)Hiep Thuy (4/8)90
Foot Platoon (Rifle) #2Dineen MacGannon (4/8)90
Mobile Long Tom Artillery LT-MOB-25Ross Gallie (4/5)835
Mobile Long Tom Artillery LT-MOB-25 #2Marietta Mathes (4/5)835
Heavy Tracked APC (Standard)Caoimhe Sutherland (4/5)206
Heavy Tracked APC (Standard) #2Voleta Spelas (4/5)206
Heavy Tracked APC (Standard) #3Syung-Soon So (4/5)206
Heavy Tracked APC (Standard) #4Alissa Eggen (4/5)206


Track Cost: 200WP

Optional Bonuses

+200 “Tactical Surprise”. The Davion forces gain +2 to initiative during this scenario.


+100 CHARGE! – For each Enemy BattleMech destroyed or crippled.

+25 Sawn off! – For each Enemy ForestryMech MOD destroyed or crippled.

+100 Contact Left! – 100% of Charlie Star’s Omni-Mech’s are not destroyed or crippled.

+150 Don’t let them escape! – Destroy or cripple 75% of the BV of the attacking force before they can retreat.


The following rules are in effect for this track:

Forced Withdrawal

The MechWarrior/Crew of any ‘Mech or vehicle which receives crippling damage should eject at the start of the movement phase of the next turn. Infantry which are reduced to 25% or less of soldiers/BattleArmor should move as quickly as possible to their retreat edge.

The signal is Jericho”

When the Davion Militia reach 50% of BV destroyed, they retreat from either the Southern Map Edge or Northern Map Edge.


The Davion forces have access to 2 off map LongToms with standard ammo (3 maps away). They can fire for 6 turns before the Charlie Company Regular Hover Tanks find and capture them.


Breaking out of the ambush, but with serious damage to their Omni-Mechs and several dead Elementals, Charlie Company decide to let Captain Stone’s Atlas retreat rather than give chase deeper into the forest.

However, Captain Stone takes his Atlas back towards the Wolf’s Dragoons temporary prison facility at HardCastle, and breaks out Colonel Robert McShane and several other Davion prisoners.

Colonel McShane and the other Davion forces then proceed to their Drop Ships and escape off world, ready to face the Wolf’s Dragoons again!


In Player vs Player stand alone scenario, rather than Player vs GM Chaos Campaign, it’s recommended that all WarChest Options are in effect and the Davion Forces to score for the following:

+100 AMBUSH! – For each Enemy Omni-Mech destroyed or crippled.

+50 What happens when a toad is hit by lightning? – For each Enemy Elemental Point destroyed or crippled.

+150 Fallback! – Once the Davion Militias BV falls below 50% (Or more than half of BattleMechs and more than half of ForestryMech Mods are destroyed or crippled) retreat from the map with at least 25% of BV.

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